More big jugs.

More decorating today, I finished the two big jugs that I had left spending a ridiculous amount of time on one of them as you can hopefully tell from the picture. The two fat birds are on opposing sides of the same jug. For me these are pretty big, they are about 26cm high.

These are my slip trailers, made from a bicycle inner tube, demijohn cork, end of a biro / other appropriate bit of stuff, and a bulldog clip on the other end. Made in true Mary Wandrausch style.

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  1. potterboy says:

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  2. potterboy says:

    The slip trailer design is in Mary’s slipware book I think – I’ve never seen one outside of that – they look great. I hope Matt gives them a go – I might too.The jugs are brilliant – especially the one with the two birds. I can’t wait to see them glazed and fired.

  3. Ron says:

    Hannah, these are incredible and it is really cool to see your tools. Are biros some sort of mechanical pencil or pen? I guess you fill these from the back end, not removing the cork and all at the front. ?? I also notice you have some drawings there on the wall and one by the banding wheel in the 2nd and 3rd photo. Really nice thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  4. ang says:

    hi hannah, your jugs are soo cool, lovin the decoration detail on birdy no.2, and brilliant tools! I’ve used ear siringy things before with glass pipette in the end…yours are way more inventive..

  5. CrisArtsy says:

    I’m just starting out slip trailing and it’s amazing. I love your work. I’ve just started putting some of my own up on my blog, and I was looking around for things other people were doing.

  6. Hannah says:

    Ah some of them are empty biro shafts, that yellowy one is a propelling pencil with it’s inners take out. They have thinner nozzles great for lettering. Yes you fill them from the other end. The inner tube is wired onto the cork to keep it there. I find that they don’t hurt my hand as much as the squeezy bulb ones and I think they are more controllable but that might be just practise.The drawings on the wall are some mono prints I was having a go at and quite enjoying. The one on the table is in my dodgy sketchbook. I’m useless with a pencil though! Give me a slip trailer anyday.

  7. Hannah says:

    Pricing, yes the longer it takes the more I should charge. A couple of people this week have said they think my work is under priced. Arghhh! I hate pricing things, it’s really really hard. Ideally I would like people like me to be able to buy it but I know with pieces like that jug it’s not going to happen. It is something that I have yet to resolve.

  8. ajsimmons says:

    Hannah…..WOW, my first thought at looking at the new jugs! They’re amazing, you seem to be on a real up at the mo….and to be likened to THE best team in the world is pretty cool (mind you don’t pick up any of their dodgy behaviour!!)I hope all this new work is going to BCTF A x

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