Money boxes and fuddling cups.

Amanda Simmons my good friend and fantastic glass artist who along with me will be sending the Devon Guild some work for their Christmas show “Celebrate,” kindly took some photos for me last weekend. She’s setting herself up with lights and backgrounds so that she can take good images of her own work. Although she works with glass though Amanda’s work tends not to be shiny so my high gloss glaze gave her a new problem to deal with. We didn’t quite get there but there are still some lovely pictures, thank you Amanda, I’ll drip feed them onto here, especially the sgraffito jug ones, all four dozen of them or however many you took!

This is the big plate that blogger Andrew has his eye on. It came out really well, I am very very chuffed with it. Feels not too heavy and is still big even now it’s done all it’s shrinking. The rim is slightly wider than usual and I really like the feel and the look of it. The cross hatching Toft style decoration on the rim I think works really well. It was good fun to do and I think it looks great. I tried it on a smaller plate but it wasn’t half as nice, the trailing was too thick in relation to the rim size and you didn’t get enough of it, might make a finer nib for my trailer before I try that again.

These two are just such sweeties, they’ve gone off now to an exhibition at Ripon in Hornseys Gallery there, along with the fuddling cups. I’m planning on making a flock of money boxes for the show in Castle Douglas that’s coming up soon, very soon.

I was pretty pleased with this fuddling cup too, the glaze is so shiny and rich here.

Just one of the lovely pictures of the harvest jug for the baby, I like the detail pictures, interesting as it makes you look at it a bit differently than when you see the whole thing.
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5 Responses to Money boxes and fuddling cups.

  1. Ron says:

    These all look so great Hannah. Nice job Amanda.

  2. Love the colours nice and rich and the decoration wow! Have you ever tried soft trailing and feathering smaller platters? I really used to enjoy doing that with slip.

  3. What do you do with a fuddling cup? I took a picture of one that had about 6 cups attached at the Mint Museum. They also had a lovely Thomas Toft platter that I have on my blog.

  4. Hannah says:

    I haven’t feathered slip for years, maybe I should have another go, used to do it regularly at Jason’s.

  5. jbf says:

    Lovely pieces and nice photos.

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