Money boxes and fresh slip

Busy old day today, after trying to work out why the phone wasn’t working and having to run back up here to test it on another line before I could get BT out and then having to proof an email before 2pm I did manage to get some work done.I managed to slip the six money boxes I’d made at the weekend though one which had a lovely oak tree on the top did collapse, I think it must have had a very thin top.

Slipped some wee jugs too and unpacked a bisque firing, glazed it all and got not anywhere near all of it back in. I’d bisqued them all just piled up high on top of each other with barely any kiln shelves just so I could get more pots in there. There’s almost enough to get another whole glaze firing done but not before Spring Fling. It’s good to have pots at every stage of the process to let people see how it all works when they come round.
Don’t forget the Spring Fling blog too in case you have managed to miss that one, much more to come on there before Spring Fling and stories from the weekend afterwards too hopefully.
I just couldn’t sleep last night for thinking of kiln plans, mental, need some sleep but I got myself all excited again about what I can do or can’t do. All we need now is some sunny weather or at least dryer weather and some oh what’s that stuff that days and weeks and months are made up of? Oh yes time, that’s what I need.
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4 Responses to Money boxes and fresh slip

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll send you a bag of time in the post – first class. Extra large bag!!

  2. ang says:

    they look like aliens H…must be my abstract eye, cute little money boxes….

  3. paul jessop says:

    And I’ll send you a little ray of sunshine.” now where did i put that “

  4. Time is more or less in the same sort of supply here on the Cape as it is in Galloway, Hannah. Sun, on the other hand, is amazingly abundant right now. Why am I inside?????

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