Money box magic.

I had a board full of money boxes to decorate today along with a workshop full of other things, two racks of mugs, a board of bowls, a large bowl, half a dozen plates, and more. I didn’t get a half of it done but I did get enough to fill the kiln done, however then it started to rain so my speed drying couldn’t happen. Hmmm. . . bisque needs to go on tomorrow.

There has been a lady who has stopped at my stand at Potfest for the last five years and always says “I bought a bird money box of yours when you were an apprentice. I love it, have you got any with you?” I always kick myself and then say no. So this year I hope she’ll be there because I have finally remade some. Why have I not been doing these for so long, they’re great fun.

Minimal decoration on the outside of the Ron inspired dish. Hmm, maybe I’ll only glaze where there is slip too. Oh the options!
Tomorrow I’ll be able to unpack a glaze firing and repack the kiln with a last load of bisque before Potfest. Fingers crossed for that. My Potfest competition piece will hopefully be in this bisque firing tomorrow too, not that I ever leave that till just a couple of weeks before the event to make it. It was a great idea when I started it but I soon discovered how stupid an idea it really was. Hopefully a photo to come. It tried my patience somewhat and it still might break in the kiln. I’ve lots of decorating of orders to be done over the weekend but they may wait till sunday. I’m hoping that the weekend will be a little drier than this evening is. I need to fix my tent too before Potfest. Best start another list I think.
Today I have this in my head all day! Shame about the no music on You Tube thing these days, maybe I could sing along for you instead.

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5 Responses to Money box magic.

  1. Ron says:

    I love those bird money boxes. Really sweet.

  2. Dan Finnegan says:

    Your money boxes make mine pale in the comparison…really sweet. I'm just about to head home, leaving enough room in England for Ron to join you all! It was lovely to meet you and we shall meet again, hopefully on my turf next. All the best!

  3. Aye, Hannah, yer such a clever gurl. Luvly money boxes.

  4. Anna says:

    Love the bird money boxes. Once again the detail is just fantastic and fun!

  5. jimgottuso says:

    beautiful money boxes… lovely

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