The beasties are finished now. The top two are oil drizzlers and the two in the piture underneath are money boxes.

Lots of new pots in the workshop at the moment, it’s becoming a bit crowded in there – again. This morning it took me a good few hours to unpack a new pile of acquired pottery bits and bats and get all the new pots into homes and pack up a couple of parcels that are going off in the next couple of weeks. Premature I know but it meant that once they were away I’d have a bit more space to work in.

This is the shelf above my desk at the moment.

Valentine’s day yesterday, I couldn’t resist making this for Paul, Victoria sponge, yummy (ok partly it was for me too).
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6 Responses to Monday

  1. Dan Finnegan says:

    One of my many favorite Cotswold treats is going to the W.I. market in Tewkesbury and buying several 'sponges'! If Toff's with me we buy them all!!! Yours is beautiful… lucky boy you've got there.

  2. ang says:

    fantastic H, love the beasties…

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are receiving reports of escaped beasties in the Castle Douglas area. If sighted please do not approach – they may drizzle over you!!

  4. Big Al - USA says:

    Hannah, I do so love your work! One way or another I'm gonna get some of your pots…just got to figure out how to save on the shipping and exchange rates! In the mean time I'm enjoying trying some of your cooking. Found a recipe for Victoria sponge cake. I'm fixing one and will have it with afternoon tea on Thursday!

  5. Hannah says:

    Several spnges Dan! Crikey! That'll take some amount of tea to wash them down with. Good and tasty though I bet.Big Al, where are you based again, you might yet get your chance, don't despair.

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