Monday Sunny Monday

Spring is here with full sunshine and crocuses out and daffodils shooting up through the ground, still a very heavy frost this morning but blimey what a day, it feels fantastic.

I’ve been sorting out the workshop today, sorting out some pots from the end of the exhibition in Castle Douglas, packing some to go away elsewhere and generally trying to regain some control over the chaos that was starting to take over my workshop. It feels better now, tidied up and usable again. Then an afternoon of sieving glaze -ohh am I not the luckiest person, what a fabulous job. I did do it though in the beam of sunlight that was shining through the open door of the workshop while I had pots outside drying in the sun too. Taking advantage of it now that it is here, make it feel wanted and then hopefully it’ll stay for a good while.

More buckets! New buckets! Thanks Su, a girl can never have enough good buckets. Now I can fill them with slippy goey muddy looking substances.
I got my article finished and emailed off along with the pictures to go with it. It’s funny, I take photographs all the time and then I needed some to send away and I can’t find any that I’ve taken that look good enough or tell the tale that I want to tell. Oh well I have finally decided and they are away and done. So now I can get on with sorting the rest of the chaos tomorrow, I have a pile of reclaim and another stack of the frozen clay to pug as I’ve used up all the first batch that I did. The postcards are ordered and hopefully that will go smoothly, I’ll let you see them when they arrive here (don’t hold your breaths though, it’ll be a week or so).
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  1. Ron says:

    Hi there missy! Thank you so much for my birthday cup and print!!! Love them.

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