Monday monday

Yeah Paul came back yesterday, we went out for a walk up in the Dalbeattie woods (I’m a red head the sun gets to me pretty easily.) Fabulous day, just beautiful, and again today, that is I do believe almost 3 weeks of sunshine we’ve had here in south west Scotland. This is our little house and the crazy built up urban chaos around us. We are one of a pair of semi detached cottages and you can see the roof of the farm just to the right of the cottage.

Dalbeattie is a really great woodland, we love it, much more varied than a lot of the plantations around here. I love this holly tree that seems to be growing on top of a rock.

Today I bypassed the kiln guys and the electricians and got Paul in to have a fiddle with the kiln for me. Fingers crossed – again.

I threw three big big bowls today, was rather hot for kneading up clay, 12lb I think I used in them. They look small considering there is that much clay in them but I think they’re not too bad. Threw some more oval dishes too. I had a bisque to unpack and glaze and repack, it may be out just in time for ClayArt. I also mixed up Paul Young’s glaze for the pots that will be going hopefully into the bottle kiln at ClayArt this weekend. I’m hoping to start packing for that tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Monday monday

  1. doug fitch says:

    Sure looks pretty up there in the frozen North. I took a woodland stroll at the weekend, it’s beautiful at the moment, the intense lime of the beech leaves strikes a stunning contrast against the dark leaves of the holly trees don’t they? I’m trying to work out my stand/pots in our tiny living room at the moment – chaos! Well done for sorting the glaze out, mine have all got my standard glaze so hope it’ll take the high temp. I remember last year there were some very hot spots and some cooler, so maybe all will be well. Got to admit I’m completely disorganised at this end in a state of panic! I’ll see you there, travel safely. Lovely big bowls by the way.

  2. Ron says:

    What a wonderful place Hannah. I hope you have a good week getting ready for Clayart. Try to take some pics to share. (Hopefully you’ll be too busy selling pots to have time)

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