Monday Monday

“How do I love thee (oh book of Medieval Pottery in the Yorkshire Museum)?
Let me count the ways.”

Once again that slim little paper backed volume makes me long to be able to make pots even an ounce as beautifully formed as they are. I’ve so much to do at the moment, I spent a lot of last week in a bit of a tizzy flitting about and quite unable to settle properly to any one thing. This week that absolutely has to change.

This is one of the commissions that I am working on at the moment, a harvest jug with Ceres on the front and images of farming around the back. It’s taking a lot of working out and working on. Good to do some sgraffito again though, it’s one of three large sgraffito jugs that I have on order just now.
Running out of shelf space because the things I’ve made are either tall and fat and take up lots of height or flat but wide like the dishes in the last post and take up lots of depth. I need some more shelves, just to decide what sort and where to put them…

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7 Responses to Monday Monday

  1. Dan Finnegan says:

    I am rich with shelves at the moment (just ask Jason!?). Come on over. Free for the taking…

  2. Paul Jessop says:

    Blimey I didn't make a thing today, just turned and slipped pots and added Handles to wassail cups. I have to start making Tomorrow. Love the jug shapes, Doug gave me a copy of that book on Friday. I'm trying not to look at the moment, to keep on track.

  3. I wish I could channel some of your energy for making work! I can't seem to get going, cold and gloomy today, I think I'm getting that seasonal disorder!

  4. Wow, you've certainly made up for any lost time! The jugs look great. Hope you post progress pics.

  5. gz says:

    I think Doug is busy shelf building at present !!

  6. Hannah says:

    OK so Dan if you have some shelves I can use and if I can get Doug up here to lend a hand I might even get sorted this side of Christmas.Tracey I'm really struggling, 12 jugs in one day is not enough, ok they're biggish for me and new shapes but it's not enough. I'm struggling a bit, it is January though.

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