Monday monday

After my frantic week last week making and drying and glazing I did get new pots through the kiln in time for the show at the weekend, and got the kiln packed for a bisque again this morning. Busy old time. The show wasn’t what you would call a roaring success, but it was good to see James and Emma again and have a good old natter to lots of potters.

Some of my fat squared pots finished, one which was white slip straight onto the bare clay. They got a bit of attention at the weekend but not as much as I would have given them. My two next door neighbours picked them up many times though.

A quick pic of some of James Hake’s pots, that there dish is a whopper!

Another potter there at the weekend who makes lovely delicate pots was Rebecca Callis, they are little sweeties these pots, very delicate and subtle colours.

I had a visit today from some friends who live up in Peebles, they brought me a lovely present of a couple of salt glazes pieces from the Errington Reay pottery at Bardon Mill in Northumberland. They make lots of garden ware, fired in huge coal fired kilns, and have done for many years since they stopped making salt glaze chimney pots and had to change their products to stay in business. I really love the texture of the salt glazed finish, it’s gorgeous, another love of mine.

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  1. paul jessop says:

    I wonder what it is about salt glazed pottery. I have always loved the German salt glaze wares. I’m told that in some towns in Germany old salt glazed kiln bricks have been used for kerb stones. I would love to see those.

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