I thought you might be interested to see my newest acquisition. It’s the lovely fat jar on the right there nestled in with a Doug jug and an Alan jug and a tiny little Hannah jug and a shard. It’s a really yummy pot made by Andrew Douglas and I love it. I should have taken some more photos as I haven’t decided which angle I like it best from yet.

I unpacked a glaze kiln this morning and every pot in it was an order for Christmas, it’s such a relief when they all come out ok. I shall be box scrounging and packing them up this week to get them away to my customers in time for Christmas.
Speaking of the Christmas, the latest is that it looks likely that Paulwon’tbehomeforChristmas. If I say it fast it doesn’t sound as bad. They are running behind schedule due to bad weather and various minor catastrophes. He should know more by the middle of this week. Grrrrrr.

This saturday was my last pre Christmas show of 2010 in fact my last show of 2010. It was very enjoyable and for the first time it had been held in the village got a great amount of people, I think everyone there sold well and a good time was had by all. At the other side of the hall to me was this stand, just look at those two jugs that are being used to decorate it with. Nice.
Finally a huge congratulations to my little sis who today got herself a permanent job doing what she loves, being a nursery nurse. Well done Sarah!

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8 Responses to Monday

  1. lovely pots Hannah!And double darn grrrr on the not being home for Christmas!

  2. Thats a lovely group of pots there Hannah.Sorry to hear that Paul wont be back.

  3. Wow, Andrew's pot is stunning! What a beautiful photo. Sorry about your Christmas, hope that you guys can make up for it on New Years!

  4. Linda B says:

    Oh no -Christmas in Japan is almost unnoticed -just a normal working day. their celebration is at New Year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

  6. Paul Jessop says:

    Hi Andrews Pot, is Very Nice Indeed. He does have a great eye of shape and form.Do you think Paul may have got himself a job as one of Santa's little helpers ? that's why he won't be home.

  7. potterboy says:

    Maybe Paul IS Santa.Have you ever seen them in the same room together?

  8. Hannah says:

    Well PJ and AD you might just have sussed his secret and there was my mum thinking he's a spy when all along he works in a different kind of secret service after all!

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