Funny Little People are out on the slip trailed jug. They did make me smile when I took them out of the kiln. It’s been a proper sunny day again today, summer is here in south west Scotland, for the time being at least.

Here is the plate that I slipped a couple of weeks ago with the white slip trailed on the white slip. I think it’s come out well and it’s being added to my list of “things that I must do more of soon”, as with all my lists it’s quite a long one.

Here’s the apple loving dragon that the Funny Little People are feeding. In case you missed that part the FLPs are helping the dragon out, he loves apples but he can’t get close enough to get them off the trees without scorching the trees with his breath. So the FLPs, who are good friends of the dragons, collect apples for him and throw them up in the air so he can catch them and then he gets to eat his tasty apples without burning the trees of the FLPs. He is a lucky dragon to have such good friends as these.

Also in the kiln that I unpacked this morning, along with lots of orders, were a bundle of slightly larger Humbug mugs including these three. Left to right: black slip straight onto the clay, white on white, white straight onto the clay.

This is the back of an owl plate, again white slip straight onto the clay body.
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10 Responses to Monday

  1. Anna says:

    Hannah I really love the white slip trailing on top of the slip. Really elegant, but can still be fun and silly if you so choose!

  2. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah, I hope we can catch up this week. Really like the white slip on bare clay.

  3. Peter says:

    I love the Funny Little People! Your helpful explanation about the feeding methods of the apple loving dragon has solved the mystery of our disappearing apples… I had been blaming the birds up to now, which was silly of me! If there had been scorch marks on the trees I would have said "Ah, dragons!"… but, thanks to your blog I now know how dragons are helped by FLPs, and it all makes sense at last!

  4. Nu Kua says:

    Like the white on white!That glaze over it makes it look great!Maybe transfer it to the 'to do soon' list? I would…. 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another sunny day on planet McAndrew……

  6. Anonymous says:

    Another sunny day on planet McAndrew……

  7. nice firing- i like that white on white isn't it just the thing to keep adding to our already full plates.Couldn't we just hire elves to do all the grunt work while we make all the pots?

  8. Lloyd says:

    One again, completely smitten with one of your pieces. Key question though, how do us collectors get a hold of your pieces way over here in little old u s of a?

  9. gz says:

    White on white is fun to do, but can be erve-wracking!!Keep up the good work!!

  10. Hannah says:

    Thank you all!Lloyd, I am more than happy to post pots to you over that big pond. Drop me an email if you are interested in any and we can work it all out.Hi Peter, so glad your apple mystery is now solved, everything is so obvious once it's all out in the open don't you think. I wonder if your FLPs are cousins of mine? I bet they are, I bet their great grandad's brther emigrated to NZ back in the early 1900's.

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