Mixing glaze in holey shoes on a hot day…

….is lovely when it initially splashes through the holes onto your feet, all cold and wet and slippy and sloppy, not so lovely when it dries to powder though.

Tis just lovely up here, I know I said all this last week but it is. The farmers are merrily cutting silage in this glorious sunshine, I’m not one that copes with heat well so it’s all ok with me as long as I’m in the cool of my workshop. I was supposed to be firing this week and I am mighty glad that I postponed it.

White on white. I love it.

This old metal gate post has for the  third year that I’m aware of got a family of blue tits nesting in the hole just above the twine that holds the gate shut. You just hear ‘peep peep peeep’ when you walk past. Bless their little cotton socks.

Cones are done, last of the bisque pots is firing now, glazes are all mixed, sieved, ready to go.


This is an article in American Craft Magazine about contemporary Scottish crafts people. I’m one of them and no that is not a portrait of me on the right there before some of you clever clogs start asking.

Gonna be a long weekend working I think. Anyone passing is welcome to pop in with ice cream.

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3 Responses to Mixing glaze in holey shoes on a hot day…

  1. I can't wait to get my issue…hope I remembered to change the address….And YES that white on white is wonderful. 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    That second jug is spectacular, not that I don't mean that the first one isn't, but the second is, well I like it the best.I ought to stop digging holes for myself.

  3. Joe Troncale says:

    Your earlier blog on "how long is too long to decorate a mug" inspired me to write that you should take as long as you want to decorate whatever you like…Your work is spectacular.

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