Men at work – Happy Hannah

I remember once upon a time about 12 months ago putting up a post saying that we were making the foundation for the kiln and someone said they didn’t think I’d done anything as my dungarees were too clean. Well look see they’re mucky now.

Today, sunny but some rainy spells but we did something that for a while have been thinking may never happen. We did some more kiln building!!!! Ta da daaaaaa! Bring out the champagne, sing and dance and be excited. Well actually I have been doing that for most of the day it seems, I’m very happy, things are taking shape – finally. Don’t get me wrong there’s a long way to go yet but it feels good to have done something. We have made a start on the “Happy Kiln Building” song too so maybe we’ll release that at some point during the year.

This is the chimney end.

Pretty pretty.

The channels in under the floor, I think the last time you saw it the channelly bits were in but the outside walls weren’t up to the same height yet, well now they are.

The floor going in, looks a bit small now but it’ll be fine I’m sure, I can always rebuild a bigger one – gulp! These are big carborundum slabs that Jason has given me, they came from Shank’s factory, however he got a hold of those I don’t know but they are great, if a bit of a bugger to shift about. I don’t like to admit defeat, I like to be able to do things myself but they were just too heavy for me to be manhandling and why have two fellas around if you don’t let them feel macho every once in a while?
I forgot to take a picture of where we were up to when we left tonight. Hoping to get anther day at it tomorrow, more pictures then I promise.
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5 Responses to Men at work – Happy Hannah

  1. Becky Jo says:

    Isn't it nice when guys show up to help/do work? My husband and Dad are downstairs right this minute putting up walls in my studio. Happy day!!!

  2. gz says:

    I like the view- of the kiln and the countryside!!

  3. Ron says:

    Yea Hannah! and to the two helpers too!

  4. ang says:

    lovely work H and hi paul is that pops?? extra hands are always welcome at kiln building and firing time eh…how exciting!!

  5. Very exciting, Hannah. Can't wait to see the pots.

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