Marvelous Really

This is Doug’s friendly wee oak tree at the side of his workshop. I had many a nice chat with this tree last week and told it all about it’s relatives north of the border. It’s a friendly little mite says it might visit one day once it’s big enough to go out on it’s own.

The rest of my stand at Bovey Tracey.

This tree is on my way to work, I was only thinking just before I went away that it seemed to be being very slow in sprouting this year’s leaves and I came back to find it like this!

We had a pretty monster hail storm this morning.

Have to go and pack up my things again now as I am off away on Cub Camp tomorrow. The only weekend I have off in June and I’m spending it on a camp site with 100 children! Crikey that sounds even worse when I put it like that. The theme is Christmas of course so we will be having a turkey dinner hopefully in a style that Ang would be used to ie on the beach in the sunshine. Our Scout campsite is down the way near Gatehouse of Fleet and is right on the beach, it’s a really great place and I’ve spent many many happy hours down there. Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine with a light breeze, just enough to keep away the dreaded Scottish midge.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    DIB DIB DIB———–Bear Grylls, 34, becomes the youngest ever Chief Scout, taking over from former Blue Peter and Duncan Dares presenter Peter Duncan for a five-year tenure.Grylls may seem to be a strange choice as he recently had to apologise after it was revealed that during filming for his Channel 4 show, Born Survivor, in which it was suggested to viewers that he was sleeping rough in the wilderness, he was actually spending nights in a luxury hotel with wifi.Grylls said:”‘I have always loved helping young people live their dreams and to taste real adventure, as well as getting caked in mud.”“I also hope I can use this post to encourage masses of adults in the UK to volunteer as leaders.”“The young people in this country need them like never before, and we have more people wanting to join than there are places available.”BBC survival rival Ray Mears dismissed him as a ’showman’, saying: “I want to see real experts, not Boy Scouts pretending to be.”He can see both at the same time now.Source Dail Mail

  2. ang says:

    Would you believe we've never done christmas dinner at the beach, the closest we came was dinner in a restaurant over looking the sea!!! pitiful really…

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