March March March!

Here it is, March has arrived, very quickly it seems but it’s sunny and bright and welcome to the spring.

Michael does it count as 12 before 12 if they are actually only 6 once they are assembled?

I got the 300 Scottish Potters Newsletters all in their envelopes and address labelled and stamped and posted this weekend. That’s my first edition out the door. I hope the members like it, I haven’t changed it very much from the previous editor’s feel, I thought I’d just try to get one complete and out before I start having any wild ideas about the job.

I used a weird wobbly silicon cake tin this weekend for the first time, if indeed a silicon item for baking cakes in can be called a cake tin but I couldn’t think of a better word. It was a Christmas present from Amanda. Half way through the recipe that came with it I realised I didn’t entirely know what I was making as the English translation was slightly obscure and I didn’t have all the ingredients either so I modged it together with another recipe that I had that started with roughly the same ingredients. Anyway it’s a huge ‘tin’ and takes a lot of cake mixture but Paul has made relatively short work of the cake so it must be ok, chocolate and plain sponge.

The remainder of the snow from last week was being played with this weekend too.

This week I have to finish my second piece for the Craft&Design Magazine, I have made some notes but need to get it and images together for next monday. I also need to sort out the image for my new postcard and get on with ordering that. Finishing a set of commemorative plates is also on the agenda, getting my pieces glazed for the Spring Fling Taster exhibition and before that I need to sieve the glaze and I need to pug some more clay. All in all a busy week ahead I think. Oh and somebody appears to have put my blog onto this site where you can vote for it to win an egg cup. Last week it was Doug, this week me, so if you fancy adding your vote then do please feel free and you could win yourself some tasty Dorset cereals. It’s easy but I’ll probably remind you about it again at a later date. Happy voting.
Oh and still on voting, if you remember I won the silver award for ceramics in the Craft&Design Selected awards last year, the voting is open for this year’s awards now, you can find that here, again please vote if you can find yourself a favourite.
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3 Responses to March March March!

  1. ang says:

    now that is one groovy looking cake!

  2. ajsimmons says:

    ….mmmmm cake! A x

  3. Anonymous says:

    We know u r a very,very,very busy lady and your cakes have many admirers. Any chance of publishing receipes?

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