Many more to come

This morning on my ride to work the grass was white with frost, the sky was clear and blue, my eyes were stinging with the cold and by the time I got to work my fingers were numb even through my gloves. The air just cut straight through my clothing and here we are in mid October there are months to go yet and it’ll get worse before it gets better but this morning was fabulous! Crisp, bright, fresh and zingy, my head was clear as a bell by the time I arrived. I love autumn, the leaves are turning and the drive is strewn with freshly dropped shiny velvety conkers begging for me to collect them up. I think I may have been a squirrel in a former life as throughout autumn my pockets are always full of tree fruits, conkers and acorns mainly but beech nuts and spinning jennys too when I can find them.

The exhibition Pots and Baskets is now open at The Barn Gallery at The Bield at Blackruthven near Perth – ours not yours Ang! This is the joint exhibition between the Scottish Potters Association and the Scottish Basket Makers Circle which has been in the planning for months now. I hear it looks great though I wasn’t able to get to the opening due to only just being home from London. I’ll let you see some pictures as soon as I get them. These are some of mine and Lizzie’s pieces.

The clay was bitter cold this morning and the glaze bucket, brrrr you can imagine. I’m finishing pots this week for the upcoming Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair which will be in Manchester in a couple of weeks time. I’m looking forward to this show, it’s the second time it has been held but the first time I have participated. I supply a gallery in Manchester but I have never exhibited at a show there since I moved away which is just eight years ago now. I came to Galloway for twelve months and I’m still here.

A couple more London pictures for you. I have yet to take a trip on the London Eye but I do plan too, maybe next time.

The entrance to Somerset House where the Origin show is held, the fuzzy lime green bit is the entrance to the pavilion.
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5 Responses to Many more to come

  1. OMIGOSH your pots are always so gorgeous 🙂

  2. ang says:

    hahaa even my perth is hours away by plane!! lovely dishes H, i can see them set out in a dinner spread.. wow 8 yrs flew eh? and how do you work with freezing cold clay??

  3. Linda B says:

    What are spinning jennys? Do they come from a tree?

  4. ajsimmons says:

    Love the baskets and pots, especially the handles on the dishes…fantastic! A x

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