Many Many Plates

Slips sieved, trailers cleaned, plates ready, on your marks, get set, GO……..

Busy busy day. I am sitting here yawning away, I’m not long off my bed I don’t think.

It’s slip-tastic at the workshop at the moment. I suddenly have lotts of trailing to be done and you know what it’s like, it’s so much more fluid when you have a lot of things to do and you can really get into the swing and the feel of it.

I have used the same bird motif a few times across this set of plates but tried to give him different tail feathers and different borders. I could get really carried away with these plates, they are about 16cm diameter and just a lovely lovely size to work with.

The white on white slips again. There is something very appealing to me about this combination.

The owl is out again. I haven’t drawn him for a while, must revisit him.

Finally the first of a group of tiles. These are I think about 22cm across now that they have started to shrink a little. They are pretty thick, almost 2cm or there abouts. I have carved out the backs and so I am hoping that they will stay flat and straight and in one piece. I don’t really have much experience with that sort of piece so it’s a bit of an experiment really. Satisfyingly substantial they are.

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6 Responses to Many Many Plates

  1. Lovely designs and words Hannah!

  2. Paul Jessop says:

    Loving the third one. great to see you in full flow, they all look great Hannah.

  3. How lovely to see you in the groove again 🙂 x

  4. Bri says:

    Wish you wouldn’t use those trite little phrases on your work. Slip-trailed tile looks good though

  5. Hannah says:

    Thank you all. Bri I am sorry you don’t like the phrases. I’ve always enjoyed text on pots.

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