Manchester to Blackpool

On sunday morning I am cycling (all being well) from Manchester to Blackpool. It’s a charity ride and I am doing it for The Christie which is a specialist cancer hospital in Manchester. A friend of mine was treated there a few years back.
I am beginning to get a bit scared about it, as is my want with everything I do. It’s around about 65 miles though they don’t tell you the exact route till you get there, lets hope it’s not via Exeter this year. My grandad used to cycle from Bolton to Blackpool regularly, on his day off so partly it’s for him and partly it’s just because this time last year I couldn’t do very much at all and it was a bit scary for me. Now I’m feeling pretty grand (though I have no doubt my whole body will hurt by the time sunday is over with) and I feel like I should be making the most of it so I decided over the winter that I would sign up for this.
So if you feel like sponsoring me you can do it online here at the JustGiving site. To those who have already given money thank you very much, I hope I can do you proud. Otherwise just wish me puncture less tyres and not too much of a head wind and a soft cushion for the way home. Paul is on duty for collecting me in Blackpool and has strict instructions to be placing fish and chips in front of me fairly quickly.
See you after the trip!

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7 Responses to Manchester to Blackpool

  1. Anna says:

    LOTS AND LOTS of luck!!

  2. Joseph says:

    Good luck getting here! Lets hope that we get good weather for both here and Manchester.

  3. Dan Finnegan says:

    The mad potter of Galloway…

  4. Ron says:

    Looks like the bike is ready, so will you by Sunday.Damn, you live in a beautiful place. I must come and visit!

  5. Go. Hannah!! For those of you in the US, you can donate to the cause too…even though it has that funny monetary symbol in front of the amount! It just converts our dollars automatically 🙂

  6. JUDI TAVILL says:

    SO great! Beautiful photo!!! Going to the web site… You can do it… I did a 60 mile WALK for breast cancer over 3 days through all of the NYC Boroughs… at least you don't need to worry about getting attacked or robbed at gun point :)!!!! (of course it did NOT happen to me…but I WAS worried!!!)

  7. Hannah says:

    Thanks all, Thanks Nancy for working that out, much appreciated.Judi, well there is one area we went through that lets just say I wouldn't ride that way on my own at night through.Dan honestly I don't know what you mean.Ron I certainly do, that is up above Gatehouse of Fleet, note the 'up' bit, was hard work getting there but worth it when I did.

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