Manchester to Blackpool done!

This card is not at all to do with the bike ride but it is lovely. I was given it on friday by Hazels’ visiting grandchildren along with some wee presents too. What sweeties.

So here’s me at about a quarter to 7 on sunday morning a bit flappy and not quite knowing what I was letting myself in for and a bit scared to say the least. Paul reckons I had gone up a level from general flap into high pitched making no sense mode.

Here’s the route, all 65ish miles of it. It set off from Old Trafford in Manchester, out through Salford, Worsley and then through Westhaughton (I have family and friends live in Westhaughton but at 8am they were probably all still tucked in their beds). About ten minutes in it started raining and boy did it rain! It lasted twenty minutes or so during which time I was thinking oh heavens this is not going to be fun. I was also wondering at the pain of what would soon become 8000 pairs of chaffed buttocks if the rain were to continue. Thankfully it didn’t. The sun came out and that was that for the rest of the ride. Not too hot fortunately until I arrived at the end when it got really warm but I’d finished by then.

Here’s what I had when I got to the end. Damn tasty it was too. I’m not a fast cyclist as Paul will attest to so we worked out that it would take me around 6 hours going by my average of 12mph so that made it that I would get to the finish at about 1pm. Hence when I arrived at half past 11 neither Paul nor my mum’s cousin Karen who both had planned to be there were anywhere even close to Blackpool. Oops! There was a big crowd of people at the end which was lovely and they were all cheering and clapping bless them, probably not for me at all but heck it was nice.

Anyway it was quite good fun and it felt good and I’ve ridden down to work again today so all’s well. I am very aware of where my calf muscles are today but apart from that I feel pretty dandy. There were around 8000 cyclists taking part, it was mighty busy out and about, I am not used to riding with anymore than one other person so it was very odd.

And here’s me at the end. When I rang Paul to see where he was he sounded most perturbed that I had finished bless him. I was stunned, I had no idea I’d be able to do it like that, and to still feel capable of walking at the end was great. I feel pretty pleased to be honest. Don’t get me wrong there were speedy slinky types wizzing past me all the time and they were obviously putting in no effort whatsoever, they were just built for speed (both the bikes and the riders) and by heck they did it.
Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, you are all very kind, it is all going to a very worthy cause.
Just to finish on, some lovely sloppy slaked down wild clay. This is the stuff Alan brought me out of the field up on the farm here. It had lots of stones in it. It feels good like this, I need to dry some out and give it a whirl, see what it’s like.
Back to it today at work, loads to do, loads going on and more in the pipeline. Right tis past my bed time, I’ll turn into a pumpkin if I’m not careful. Toodle pip.

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9 Responses to Manchester to Blackpool done!

  1. Christine says:

    Just a minor event to fit into your busy summer schedule so I expect it was easy peesy no problem (!) Hurrah and well done!

  2. you are pretty amazing Hannah! i am impressed.Cheers!M

  3. Susan says:

    Gosh and here is me having to have a huge nap and all I'd done is visit to the hospital, and the supermarket.I've been discharged from hospital and every thing is fine, another 6 weeks before I can try swimming, so I wonder how long it will be before I'm back at a wheel?Very well done.

  4. gz says:

    That was a massive club run!It is easier to go faster and further in company. Well done!!MMMM, wild clay….luscious!!

  5. ang walford says:

    yey for you all that training paid off and now for next year :))

  6. Excellent! You deserve two ice cream cones for that ride!!

  7. Alex says:

    well done Hannah

  8. Alex says:

    well done Hannah, sorry we didnt get to meet you at the finish line as we got back far too late.lots of love

  9. Hannah says:

    Thanks all, I know why did I only have a single ice cream after all that? Silly girl!

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