Remember this?
Now they look like this. . .

The two plate sheets of fused coloured glass have been dropped in the kiln through ceramic moulds (by Amanda, not sure on the temperature but the programme requires many more stages than my controller will do) which has stretched and thinned the glass and the patterns that I had engraved on it. I like them much better now, they are so very different. At the moment they don’t sit upright as their little bottoms are not flat but are nice and round and have a lot of pattern across them. I think the idea is that I might make some little holders for them to sit in. They are about 7cm high to give you an idea of scale.

I engraved a couple more sheets this afternoon which I have managed to forget to take a photo of. I felt I had a much better idea this time now that I have seen what happens. Amanda has done a lot of engraving on the glass before but I think usually only does that after the forms have been created. Amanda had a go at throwing today, her first shot was for an audience as I suddenly got some visitors. I don’t have pics of the results either but she certainly does, hopefully they’ll be on her blog shortly. I’m really enjoying this different way of working. I’ve never had anyone else work in my studio for any time before so it’s odd when you say something out loud and actually get a reply that isn’t just in your own head!
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3 Responses to Magic!

  1. Those are really cool, Hannah. Tell a bit more about the process. Temperature? Mold? Etc….

  2. ang says: hannah, they’d make great little glowing light thingies…..and what fun that you’re continuing the swap thing..

  3. ajsimmons says:

    ….just to help out Hannah, Hollis…..fused tile of 3-4 layers of 2-3mm glass (Bullseye), opaques and transparents…then Hannah engraved her patterns. The tiles were then put back in the kiln balanced over a ceramic ‘drop-ring’ mould (like a flat donut with hole in the middle)itself balanced on kiln props. The engraved patterns facing down. The firing proces (in C) 120 to 670 holding for 20- 30 mins (depending on desired drop….at this temp gravity works on the glass so that it drops through the centre hole… of firing cooling as fast as kiln allows to 540 (pre-anneal – hold for 10mins) then full as poss to 516 (annealing) holding for 45mins and then two more final cooling ramps at 30 per min and 60 per min til room temp. You’re then left with a rim of glass balanced on the mould and your dropped vessel form. The rim is cut/broken off (can be alot of wastage here) then the rim is ground to desired shape with flat bed diamond grinder and sandblasted to finish!Hope this helps….Hannah I’m not sure i’ll be sharing my first throws (maybe….)but fantastic fun….many thanks for sharing your workshop with me!Ang, definitely make good lights….next project in long list to research good lighting fixtures,…Amanda x

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