Mad flowers and a Flat Cat

As from today a selection of my pots will be on show at The Flat Cat Gallery in Lauder in the Scottish Borders. I am reliably informed that at the moment you can also see and buy the work of the fabulous Paul Young in the very same gallery.

There is some work going on at the workshop but it all seems a bit disjointed and things seem to be taking a long time to get finished. I did decorate this slightly mad plate today and some pasta bowls and vases for the Newby Hall shop as mentioned in the last post.

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3 Responses to Mad flowers and a Flat Cat

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sculptural slip on that charger ! Way to go !! JHE

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Flat Cat Gallery is on the main route to and from Edinburgh, get a lot of passing trade(serves drinks & light lunches). They have quite a range of items: bespoke furniture; paintings; ceramics; jewellery; querky toys and many more – a very interesting mix. Hope you are very successful. Lauder, lauder I can't hear!!

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