Lots to see.

It rained today! How big does that plant pot look!?

These are to upside down tea bowls for Potfest. Ron mentioned that Doug says he doesn’t make tea bowls thinking they’re not really an earthenware pot and I agree, I wouldn’t usually make them, this is for a specific reason so that’s why I’ve done them. They do look sort of wrong in my red clay but it’s fun to have a try at something different.

This is one of the square platters that I slabbed the other day, I used a paper pattern to resist the slip and was expecting a really crisp line. I do like this now that it’s been sitting around for a day for me to look at. It wasn’t what I’d expected but again it’s a piece for a specific themed competition at Potfest. I’ve never done any of the resist thing before.

My ideas for the two platters, the second one split when I slipped it but I have tried to jiggle it back together, we’ll see what happens.

Unpacked a glaze kiln today, just one of the puzzle jugs was in there and it’s a rather nice one.

I’m really pleased with the baby’s harvest jug. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed in myself for is that I have nowhere on it mentioned the fact that the baby was 7lb 10oz and that that was the weight the pot was made from which I think is a shame but it’s too late now.

I think I’ll be doing some more sgraffito though, I like it a lot.

The slip tests were a bit disappointing, from the left they are:

Turquoise stain 1%, 2%, Manganese 1%, %, Cobalt carbonate 1%, 2%, Chrome 1%, 2%.

The first four were blatantly not strong enough at that level. The chrome and the cobalt are interesting, I think the blue is maybe too obvious a choice, I’m not a fan of it but the chrome is interesting, think I’ll mix a small batch of it and see what it’s like on a real pot.

Then I slipped some plates, there were six in all but I seem to only have a couple of pictures. The next one, not sure what happened, I was day dreaming at the time and came too sort of half way through it wondering what on earth was going on. It’s a bit Toft again, heads in trees and all that but it’s kind of crazy.

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5 Responses to Lots to see.

  1. Wow! You are so patient and clever, I could never do such good lettering or patterns but then I can make tea bowls “nay bother!”

  2. doug fitch says:

    Bloomin’ lovely HMcA

  3. Hannah says:

    Bless you both you sweeties. Alan I’m going to send you a flipping tea bowl just so it can hang around near you and be red, it might seep slowly into your subconscious and before you know it you’ll be ordering three tons of iron oxide!

  4. Ron says:

    That harvest jug is really great Hannah. Nice job. I like the tree with the head too, just my kind of thing. Good to see those tests, I have some similar ones with cobalt and chrome. I need to get them down and have a look at them.

  5. ang says:

    simply stunning decoration as per usual H.. do you go any higher with your oxides than 2%? in EW- I’m just thinking I go 5-8% with stains but that’s with cone 6 firing.. Your plates are lovely I do like the unusual style in the 2nd one..

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