Long Time No Blog

It’s been busy, so I am sorry for not having been a very active blogger of late. These things tend to go in phases I think and at the moment my phase is very much revolving around Pippin. It is of course as it should be, at some point I will have to get back to work properly but for the time being we are enjoying each other so much it is hard to think properly about pots.

Hannah McAndrewI have been making some work however so do not despair that there will be a dirth of pottery in the world. It’s been interesting actually to have to be very focused when I do get into the pottery and have to have my plans in place before I step through the door. As a result I have tended to be focussing on making some one off pieces and trying to keep up with commissions for customers. If you have been waiting a while for your order then please bear with me, I am getting there, and I haven’t forgotten you.

13524462_1746665935621079_8739801463043531657_nIn the run up to Spring Fling we did two wood firings and then a third in ten days which took place over the weekend of the event. It was busy busy but we had some wonderful pots from the firings, the last of the three was the best firing we have had to date. We were thrilled with the pots.

13495243_1745191935768479_7808525007096199174_nDoug has been working hard, he hates to leave us while he goes to work in the caravan, I don’t blame him, Pippin is too much of a delight to leave easily. She is a wonderful distraction. The photo above is of some of Doug’s pots from our stand at Rufford in June, the photo was by James Hazlewood, thanks James.

13532924_1744589415828731_6772009792289188937_nThis was the three of us at Rufford, what a bit of luck we had with the weather, it was a glorious weekend, only really raining about an hour after the show finished when we were packing the last of the things into the car. We had a great show, thank you to everyone who came and said hello and who made purchases to start or add to their Fitch and McAndrew collections. I can’t think who took this photo, could have been Ben Boswell, or James Hazlewood or John Melhuish, I’m sure someone will let me know.

file-page1So tomorrow this is where we are off to, a little-ish journey (all things are relative bearing in mind we traveled south to Bath last week) to Penrith in Cumbria. This Friday is the start of Potfest in the Park 2016. We’ll be there till Sunday, selling our wares in the grounds of the beautiful Hutton in the Forest. So if you would like to have a trip out to come and find us and the other 99 or so potters who will be exhibiting alongside us then it is highly recommended. We hope you will say hello.

For now, Pippin is sleeping so I shall finish up this blog post and sort a bit more of the accounts while all is quiet and then see if we can’t get the bags packed for the weekend. Doug is busy at the wheel throwing bowls in preparation for the next two events which are going to be Ceramic Art York and an online exhibition of our own.

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5 Responses to Long Time No Blog

  1. Meredith says:

    Do you pinch yourself everyday?
    It’s time to enjoy, the clay will always be there.

  2. gz says:

    enjoy Potfest! enjoy life!!!

  3. Dennis Allen says:

    Thanks for the update. Recently I was missing your blog and remembering the tales of your cubs.

  4. Maki says:

    Oh Hannah, I’m sure you hear this from many people so many times, but please do enjoy the time with your little one, as they grow soooooooooo quickly! Your customers understand, clay can wait but your baby doesn’t. You don’t want to miss how much they grow each day. Everyday is different, so precious, especially you have a new family member.
    My daughter is three now and I just only got back into the studio work (although I had another job that got back much earlier) and still part time, but I would never have regreted my dicision, because I have enjoyed watching her grow everyday. What a presure to see that little milestones in front of you (even mine with a medical condition and developmental delay), you do enjoy if you are mum! I also think that would be the same for father. Like you and him, my hub is much odler than I am (sorry no offence to Doug!) and has two grown children. He said he was too busy to think about it at the time, but now he is more relaxed and takes every moment with lots of smiles. (although we still have to deal with tantrums at times!) My daughter loves her big brother and sister, and enjoys family time so much as much as we do.
    So enjoy whilst you can, before you know it Pippin will be in school! (mine will be next year, eek!)
    Anyway, we are coming to POTFEST on Saturday, so looking forward to seeing your lovely work and hopefully meet Pippin. All the best with the show.

  5. anonymous says:

    You are forgiven all, just for showing one of those pictures of your adorable child! Enjoy, and don’t forget to update us now and then!

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