Littles and Larges

Little tiny Doug Fitch jugs with large hulking Doug Fitch jug and little tiny Woodleys kick wheel made in salt glaze ceramics by Ian Gregory. Lovely leaf and hand print birthday card by little tiny Gregor.

Slipping large jug in Devon.

Lovely morning Devon mists at the start of a large long day of kiln firing.

Little slip trailed and feathered bird on large Doug thrown jug.

Little paint print hands of Gregor (now my new mouse mat).

Neither little nor large but middling slip trail and finger wiped costrels by me, wood fired at Hollyford Pottery.

The finished large slip trailed Doug jug with the little birds hidden in the leaves recently exhibited at Doug’s solo show with Oakwood Gallery in Nottingham.

Little pottery apprentices helping stoke the kiln that their pots were being fired in.

Littler than I though many of them were but more exquisite than I could have believed possible. A host of glorious Lucie Rie pots and Hans Coper pieces on display at Phillips auction house in London this week. What a treat it was to see those. I haven’t seen them like that in the flesh not behind glass before.

Larger than life I am sure this gentleman is. I have been really enjoying Grayson Perry’s Reith Lectures for Radio 4. Well worth a listen if you can do. He talks in plain English and dispels myths and explains some of the inner workings of the art world. A very refreshing listen.

Little walks in the large autumn world with my mum and my sister and my nephew (sporting a feather in his hat).

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2 Responses to Littles and Larges

  1. KateUK says:

    The Reith lectures were a breath of fresh air.

  2. It all seems so long ago now, let’s make pots together and fire the kiln again soon x

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