Little and Large

6lb jars. They are usually pretty big by my standards, 6lb is about the most I can comfortably throw into any sort of upright shape, especially anything bellied. Those two at the front of the picture are the 6lb ones. What the two behind are I have no idea. What I am going to do with them I also have no idea but I do know that I sort of liked making them though they were rather tiring and required a lot of concentration. How on earth I slip them is quite another matter. Beware of a tidal wave of slip sloshing about Dumfries and Galloway sometime soon…

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3 Responses to Little and Large

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    They’re not just big they are very nicely shaped.. Look forward to seeing them finished.

  2. smartcat says:

    I do enjoy a nice chubby pot. These are full of themselves. Like Dennis, I am looking forward to the finished pots.

  3. Cat Brown says:

    I love the shape – beautifully curved and the biggy behind looks divine!

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