Late night slipping

I went for a hair cut this morning, having told someone the other day that it wasn’t something I liked doing. Anyway we’re having visitors this weekend and I got a bit paranoid about looking like a scarecrow. I turned up expecting the lassie to wash it and chop it. Well I wasn’t expecting a head, neck and shoulder massage before she started, took me by surprise but it was pretty good, hadn’t realised my shoulders were so tense, probably from struggling a bit breathing because of my cold which is getting much better I am pleased to report.

I’ve been manning the exhibition in Castle Douglas again today, it’s been very quiet, thankfully the door sticks a bit and requires quite a shove to open it which so far has been enough to wake me up before the visitors get through the door and see me snoozing. There’s been a couple of people in but by the no means the constant chatter and endless amusement that I was surrounded by last week. There’s been some erm shall we say “characters” too, you know that feeling when outwardly you are smiling and trying to look interested while inside you’re screaming “Go away, leave me in peace, stop torturing me with your insane drivel!” So I smiled and nodded and bit my tongue.

Speaking of the Castle Douglas exhibition but on a much jollier note, Phil’s baby made it’s way into this crazy world last night, a little boy called Joe and brother to Alex. Congratulations Phil and Louise, hope you get home soon.

Here’s Doug’s big fat jug, pretty grand don’t you think? To the right of it and a bit hidden is one of Jason’s.

I stayed most of the week last week with Doug and Hilary and had a great time listening to the squabbling over the tv programmes and the slightly clashing musical tastes. Reminded me of being back at home. I don’t think my sister and me were any different at all. I was treated to a performance by The Love Daddies on the saturday evening. Those of you who have ever been on an a night out with me will know that the likelihood of me getting up to dance are somewhere in the region of slim to nothing. However I did find myself if not actually dancing then moving in a manner which in my head at least was in time to the music. I really enjoyed it was pleasantly surprised by them.

We spent the day at Doug’s workshop on friday, now you’d think two people who make pots for a living could manage over the space of a nine or so hour day could produce more than 9 mugs and 3 dodgy money boxes. Pathetic really, too much nattering no wonder we’re both skint. It was a bit weird making pots there on a different wheel and with clay that is so very unlike mine. I tried at first to make my pots but that didn’t really work for me so I just made some random mugs which actually I quite like the shape of but they do have really poor handles. They were inspired by the block buster film we had subjected Hilary to the previous evening, “A History of Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent.” There was a little Cistercian tyg on there and I remembered drawing them when I was at uni, I think there was one in the Manchester Museum. Hopefully I’ll have another go at them in the near future.

So Sunday evening after the kiln opening and all that fun and hilarity over tea and chips with Matt and Tig and Paul and Marion joining us, slave driver Doug made me go back and decorate the pots that I’d made. It’s always such a hard thing to make me go and make some pots and even more difficult to persuade me to do a bit of decorating of course (can you detect any sarcasm there?) I must say though I don’t think I’ve ever decorated pots at one in the morning before. Too much nattering again and setting the world to rights. They’re sort of my pots but not really if that makes sense. I haven’t done any combing for ages but it was good fun, I should remember that too. The pot above is a Doug mug with my decoration, the one below is all my fault.

Anyway it’ll be interesting to see what happens to them. I did enjoy it down there, very different having someone to witter with while working. It’d be good to make some pots together again sometime. It’s a shame when you make friends and they’re dotted about all over the place and miles from each other. The internet is a marvelous thing though.
I popped into work this evening after I’d been in the gallery and after tea and cakes with my friend Elinor who is leaving beautiful quiet Galloway and the arts centre here to move to the chaos and hustle and bustle of old London town and start working at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I suppose if you’ve got to go to London that’s a cracking good reason to go there but we’ll certainly miss here here. When I got to work I found a package waiting for me which turned my lovely old Woodleys wheel seat from this:
To this:

Thank you very much Alan, I will try it out tomorrow, apparently it’s made of memory foam so should make potting more comfortable. Before you get really worried though I’ve always had a cushion or two on there but this looks much better so far.
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4 Responses to Late night slipping

  1. Hi Hannah, Hope the seat works for you I wouldn’t be without mine now. As for punters just don’t let them get to you or you’ll end up growling at them like me!

  2. doug fitch says:

    It was such a good time, it was great to talk pottery/rubbish, a real shame you’re so far away, I hope we get to do some more before too long. Gotta go to bed, Cheers my deario

  3. ang says:

    hey H, what lovely story telling…Is there going to be a show from the harvest jug firing?

  4. paul jessop says:

    I thought you didn’t recognise me at the gallery when I asked “do you make these” !!!!

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