Last Week at The Leach

FB_IMG_1448540126595So this is the first proper week back at work, I know it’s the 11th January but be gentle with me, I needed a rest and actually it’s a very gentle start for me even so. My belly is getting somewhat in the way now when trying to throw so I think the making for me while now be sporadic. I have some orders to finish which I would like to get done in the next week or so but mainly I will be doing much gentler, slower activities that involve a lot less movement until the new world arrives. I have plans for a bit of knitting and maybe a little quilt, nothing more energetic nor demanding that that, lots of feet up and lots of being looked after by my wonderful husband.

Doug Fitch_Small Fat Jug with Applique Decoration and Poured Slips_Shannon Tofts

In the mean time, this is the last week of our exhibition ‘A Love Affair With Clay’ at The Leach Pottery in St. Ives. It’s been showing there for almost six weeks and we are thrilled to report that it has been very well received. Doug Fitch Green Applied Tapered Jug

Thank you to everyone who has visited the show over the period and to those who decided that our pots should travel home with them. Also of course to those of you who couldn’t get to the exhibition but who managed to buy pots over the phone and by email. The internet is really important to the way that we run our business and it allows us to do things that we would really struggle to do otherwise.

Hannah McAndrew_Slip Trail Costrel_Shannon ToftsIf you are in the St. Ives area of Cornwall, or if you fancy a jaunt down there on or before the 16th January then there are still a lot of pots to be seen (including the ones in these images) and if you are that way inclined to be bought. Have a look, tell us what you think and enjoy the Leach Pottery Museum while you are there.

Doug Fitch_Slip Trail Pressed Dish with Zig Zags_Shannon Tofts It’s a great place and has wonderful staff who were so welcoming and genuinely pleased to be showing our work and who have been helpful throughout the planning and set up and opening times of the show. A huge thank you to all of them there, it was great to meet you all and to spend some time with you.Hannah McAndrew_Slip Trail Flower Plate_Shannon Tofts

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