During a brief couple of free hours that we got when we were in Philadelphia (which now seems like months ago), myself and Myer ran off to find the Philadelphia Clay Studio. It’s a huge building in the city which has lots of workshop spaces which we didn’t see but we did spend a long time in the gallery space there. There is a good airy space with lots of pots on shelves and table tops. Just to add a bit more excitement to it though, the cupboards that line the walls are all full of pots too and visitors are invited to open them and look through the work that is in there.

These pots are by Cathi Jefferson who I met years ago in Wales I think it was.

Kyle Carpenter’s work, I’ve seen lots of pictures through the blog before now but never picked any of his pots up, the mug on the right ended up coming home with me. I’d have very much liked to have brought he plate home but this was before the show had even started and I didn’t feel I could make such a purchase prior to having sold any pots of my own at all.

These pots took me by surprise, they are by someone with the wonderful name of Sunshine Cobb. They look like they are drawn and 2D in a strange way. Interesting stuff. I’m not really a big fan of matt glazes but I like take to these.

Matt Hyleck, I loved this bowl shape, wood fired stoneware it is. This could happily have come home with me too but as I say I was trying to be careful.

Doesn’t that collapsing pumpkin look grumpy.

Then there were lots of potters at the PMA Craft Show, some of whom I took photos of and some I just drooled over (just to clarify that is the pots I drooled over not the poor potters themselves). This jar is by Julie Crosby. Some of her shapes though beautiful were a little cold but I liked this jar a lot. I visited it a few times over the course of the show though it left without me.

I loved these three jars by Bob Briscoe who is based in Minnesota, I think they look fab together. Bob is a top fella, really enjoyed talking to him, he’s full of enthusiasm and energy it seems. Maybe I’ll head out his way next time I pop over to the States. Who knows.

Opposite Bob was Matthew Metz who I had been told about by Mr. Philbeck. I’d not seen his pots before and really enjoyed both of his two styles.

The sprigged pieces were very gentle. The sgraffito designs are much more bold and strong.

As I say there were lots of potters whose work I didn’t manage to get photos of, in particular Sean Ireland whose workshop Doug and me visited in April with Ron and Ang. He wasn’t at home at the time so it was great to meet him. (I did eventually decide that it was one of his pots that was going to come home with me from the show, it was such a relief once I’d made that decision.) I had a fantastic conversation with Sean’s girlfriend. She told me she liked my shoes and I launched into a tale of how stressful I find the whole dressing to be ‘not in the countryside and covered in clay’ thing and how I’d had to buy new shoes to go there as I didn’t have any suitable ones for the smart show. She laughed and told me that she had had exactly the same problem so I was relieved to find a kindred spirit in the not being all too comfortable in frocks and smart shoes department (says she who just bought a dress today with a token that my sister gave me for my birthday).
Next America blog will be of the New York section with Mr and Mrs Funky Philbeck, stay tuned for that one…

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8 Responses to La,la,la,la,la,lamerica

  1. ajsimmons says:

    mmmmmm matt glaze….love those pieces, that would stop me wanting to sandblast them!! A x

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    Thanks Hannah.Nice pots.

  3. Anna says:

    Loving this! Still so sorry I couldn't come up in person and give you a squeeze and see all the wonderful pots!

  4. Linda Starr says:

    Wonderful to see all of these especially liked the Metz sgraffito plate.

  5. Really interesting Hannah. I do like that Matthew Metz bowl.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What dress to go with what shoes a dilemma shared by another potter I can't remember his name.Were they 160 mph in GallowayTim

  7. Ron says:

    Great photos. Love seeing Bob and Matt there. I'm not sure about the whole 'funky Philbeck' thing. Who thought that up?

  8. Paul Jessop says:

    Looks great, I love the idea of rummaging through cupboards. looking forward to the New York bit.

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