Kigbeare Slipware Workshop


On Friday we arrived at a beautiful calm, quiet Kigbeare workshops. We set up an exhibition and gave a talk about our work and influences to about forty people.
Saturday and Sunday we created chaos with clay. It was a crazy busy wonderful weekend.
I’m always scared before this sort of thing where I have to be out there in the world. This was no exception. Doug and I have given demos together before but not for years since we were in America.
Judging by the comments from many new potter friends on Facebook today it seemed to go down well. I am so pleased. They were a really great bunch of people who were enthusiastic and excited and easy to spend time with.
Our hosts were truly wonderful. Kind and generous and thank you for all you did to make it go so smoothly.
Just a short post as we are still recovering. Thank you everyone who came to work with us and who came to the talk and who bought pottery.
Slipware rocks!

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  1. tim bartell says:

    Glad everything went well, maybe another next year ? There’s a thought Slipware rocks.

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