Just quickly.

Busy old week, and weekend, and monday. I will put some pictures up soon, promise. Spent the weekend in Sheffield visiting Paul’s mum, and delivering pots to The Millennium Gallery in the city centre. On the way home I had arranged to visit Coxwold, beautiful little village and the home of Peter and Jill Dick who have been potting there for around forty years. What a fabulous setting, and lovely lovely people. I’ll tell you more later.
Last week I threw some candlesticks which I haven’t done for years, it was an exercise in patience and concentration. They are still to be decorated. Today I glazed a kiln load of bisque pots and started to slip all those plates from last weeks throwing session.
Anyway that’s just to let you know what’s been happening. I’m away next weekend to Oxford too, there’s no stopping my travelling escapades this year. Going to the CPA show to give Paul Young a bit of a hand, hopefully meet Mary Wandrausch, visit the pots in the Ashmolean Museum and see my old school friend Rob.

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  1. paul jessop says:

    Blimey !! busy ,busy.

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