Just a quickie

Oh late night for me, been out socialising which is almost unheard of but by eck it was fun. Popped over to my friend Jan’s with Amanda. Jan lives right on the edge of the Solway Firth, fabulous sea views from her house. Jan is also in the Spring Fling, she mainly weaves but also makes jewellry from stones off the beach. Oh and we stopped for chips on the way back, what a treat!
I cycled in this morning for the first time in five or six days, my knee has been too painful to even think about pushing on the pedal but it has been horrid driving in, I felt really guilty and it has been such lovely weather and I’ve missed the bike. I also realised I’d missed all the things growing like crazy because you just don’t see it in the car. The pic is taken on the driveway up to the workshops.

Work was another good productive day, (I wonder if this is all sun inspired?) I packed the kiln for a glaze, very open this time, fingers crossed. I am also promised that the electrician is going to come tomorrow, watch this space. I slipped all the oval dishes that I had made but not before I put handles on them. I wasn’t going to do handles but then started and then found some bits of textured plastic I had picked up last year thinking they would be useful and then put handles on them all. Not sure if my slip is too thick to let the texture still be seen and felt. I threw a batch of big cups and saucers too, some are for an order from a customer.

I realised that I am down to only 6 bags of clay! Arghhhh! It should be here on Tuesday though so that should be ok. That’s my excuse for not throwing 25lb jugs anyway.

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  1. potterboy says:

    The oval dishes look great – those handles look like they’re pouting/sulking – I like them, though.

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