June!? Really? Could have fooled me!

“Slip…” has just today closed at the Ruthin Craft Centre in Denbighshire in North Wales. I hadn’t ever been to the craft centre before but it’s reputation for presenting high quality exciting exhibitions by contemporary craft workers in Britain is second to none. I was pretty dam chuffed to be asked to be a part of the exhibition so when we had the opportunity to visit this week, myself and Amanda it would have been daft to say no. So off we poddled all the way to north wales for the day. Much gossiping and catching up was done on the journey as you can imagine.

“Slip… looks at the diverse styles of makers whose
work falls under the banner of ‘slipware’. This technique is deep rooted within ancient methods of ceramic decoration for example Thomas Toft in the 17th century. Through their skilled use of clays and slips these 21st century artists present a thought-provoking and innovative collection of decorative ceramics.

From traditional approaches to the most modern interpretations, Slip… promises to inform and excite.

It certainly did both inform and excite me so I hope it did as much for everyone else that saw it. The piece I’d have had had I had the cash and the space in the house and if it hadn’t already been sold would have bee the big Dylan Bowen charger that was there. Very lovely piece.
There were a lot of familiar names and in fact I feel honoured to class a few of those in the show as my friends. We had Paul Young with the African lion influence seeping into his pressed dishes, Doug Fitch’s with his warm and generous pots and Pru Cooper with her humorous illustrations on pressed dishes and plates.

The show was in the long thin gallery space and everything was beautifully displayed, each maker given a good space and not overcrowded within that. Here was part of my wee display. It’s great seeing them displayed by someone else, I wouldn’t ever have done that with them myself but I thought they looked great there.

Each of us had a banner with information about who we are and what we do which is printed in English and Welsh. Apparently all those involved in the exhibition had sold work which was great to hear. The price lists on the walls showed very few red dots but they were so I was told just the pieces that were not taken away at the point of sale. As a visitor it looked like sales were slow because of the lack of dots but I was pleased to hear this wasn’t the case at all.

Apart from that jaunt which was work really just with added nice lunch and chatter and craft top up last week was mainly trying to get my head into what needs doing next and which needs doing first and flap flap flap I was off again within no time running about in a tizz. I did eventually get back into the swing though and then I had a new lovely ton of clay arrived on wednesday which is waiting for to be made into new things now. I have Earth and Fire in Nottingham coming up at a fair rate of knots and is about to bite me on the bum and scream that it’s here and why am I still trying to make pots for it! Yikes.

So friday saw me with freshly cleaned and filled slip trailers trailing away frantically. It’s great having a good stock of pots waiting to be trailed because I find I get much more into the flow of it after I’ve done a few and come 5 o’clock I was just wanting to continue but in fact I had to run home and wolf down some dinner and get to the Scout campsite to meet my Cub Scouts and 120 or so others along with the 50+ Scouts and the 50ish Beaver Scouts who were all converging on the Scout site that we have here in Galloway for their annual camp.

For ages and ages now I’ve been meaning to blog about Andy Priestman’s blog. I’ve mentioned him and his work a fair few times on here and in fact I saw one of his pots on Ron Philbeck’s blog last week. Andy lives up in a stunning part of Galloway, over in Glentrool, he has the sort of view from his place that would make it very difficult to ever do any work what so ever. He makes beautiful pots. Quiet, gentle, soft, elegant and stunning. I know I know I tend to err towards earthenware as my pottery of choice but you know these are lovely pots. I have a few now including a new addition that Andy brought me last week which had been in the firing that I had been at with him just before Spring Fling. So visit his blog and have a look.

In complete contrast to those lovely subtle colours of Andy’s pots this is what the Cub Scouts were doing on my base this weekend. The theme of the camp was the circus so we were making circus animals and associated paraphernalia, that crocodile was fab and there was a lion with it’s very own ring of fire to jump through. We have had a great weekend, we were lucky with the weather, it’s been dry pretty much the whole time and we even had sunshine for a lot of the time, I know you’re thinking it’s June and you are in the northern hemisphere, of course there’ll be sunshine. Ha! It is now pouring down – again and the temperature is a balmy 8 degrees C and we have had the heating on and I’m sitting here wearing my down filled top. Hey Dan come on over any time you want to cool off a bit from your crazy Virginian weather!

So I came back from camp feeling rather battered and worse for wear (how do kids manage to stay up that late?) to find a box waiting here for me. Now do I have some of the best customers in the world or what? Look what I was sent. This lady has sent me a few shards before, they live in East Yorkshire and her husband pulls these out of the garden apparently.

There are some crackers, again! Some of them are straight out of that Stoke on Trent slipware book, Paul was slightly non plussed to find his desk strewn with bits of brown broken pots, I tried to engage him in my enthusiasm but it appears not to have been hugely well received.

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6 Responses to June!? Really? Could have fooled me!

  1. Ron says:

    Hannah, those first two trailed dishes of yours are super nice. Love the designs. Those shards are fab too!! Wow, I see all sorts of things happening on them. Good to chat today. Have a great start to the week and good luck getting ready for E&F.

  2. kateuk says:

    Lovely pots,fascinating shards- oh and we just about crept up to a massive 10 degrees here in the not-so-sunny South!

  3. Dennis Allen says:

    I know they're just squiggles and dots but they are such lovely squiggles and dots.

  4. ang walford says:

    I can only imagine what the rest of the pot looks like those lovely shards!!

  5. That exhibition looks grand. I like the way they displayed your pots.

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