Jugs and toppled lorries on a sunny day.

Today I got to decorate the big jugs that I threw last week, they feel a little heavy, I think it’s going to take a little getting used to throwing shapes that I have to actually pull up again. It’s all those plates have made me very unused to it I think. Anyway I’ll see what they are like once they are fired. Here is one all shiney and wet from being freshly slipped.
I took a very minor detour this morning to have a nosey at the lorry that mnaged to topple itself into the burn just along the lane from my workshop. It went over yesterday, apparently the driver was going rather too fast from what I hear, thankfully he is fine, it did give us a bit of unusual excitment down in the studios though. They pulled it out today with a big tractor and a very thick chain, it’s rather battered and bruised and now sitting in the farm yard looking sorry for itself.
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  1. doug fitch says:

    ALL my pots are heavy, heavy’s good, that way the pots won’t fall over! Nice jug

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