Jugs and Kiwis

More jugs, these again all being well for me to take to Philadelphia, I now have a lead free honey glaze that has been certified as suitable to send to the USA – big relief, not as juicy as mine but needs must. I have to deliver the pots this wednesday ready to go by sea all the way across that big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in (name that TV show in one). They are based on some oldies but goodies (the jugs that is) and if you pay attention you can see the image that I was looking at in the background. The handle is nothing like the one on the original pot, the pot is one I saw at Blackwell years ago as part of the Synge Craven slipware collection.

And another.
We had a visit this weekend from a New Zealand friend of ours, Russell who we spent a bit of time with in Dunedin when we were out there in 2006 (he lives in Perth in Australia now though). He took us out and about then and now was our turn to do the honours. We wanted to pop out to Wigtown as it was the book festival so while in that area we went up to visit Andy Priestman at his pottery at Glentrool.

Here is Russell in Andy’s place inspecting the pots. I do find it always so peaceful there and the pots are fab and the paintings are stunning too. One day I’d love a painting but we don’t have a big enough wall to do one justice at the moment so I had to content myself with a stunning wee porcelain bowl with an iron bleed in it. I had my blackberry and apple crumble from it on saturday night.

We took Russell up onto the Queen’s Way and showed him the wild goat park (really wild you know, big pointy teeth and wielding clubs!)

and then we went down the Raiders Road to the beautiful Otter’s Pool.

So that was that, we had a great time and it was lovely to have him here. He’s now winding his way down to Stoke and then on to London to meet his twin sister.

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  1. what a beautiful place you live in.Best of luck with your show and i hope all those pots stay stateside.

  2. Anna says:

    Here's to a safe smooth trip across that big blue sea for all those beautiful pots!!

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