Jugs and Jury

Last week I finally finished decorating this jug, I’ve really enjoyed it, I have another two to do to make up a set of three. There is a lot of text on the back and I had to put my name on there too, that’s under the handle.

I was called to perform jury service this week, we got dismissed after a couple of hours following a guilty plea but with the message that we would probably be recalled before the end of the year. It was a bit of a scary experience really.

The weather here today has been all over the place, it was raining hard this morning, then glorious all day and then as I rode home I watched the clouds gather over the hills and rush in towards me at some speed and I only just got home in time. Paul was cycling home from the opposite direction and got drenched!

We went out for a lovely meal on saturday evening, I can highly recommend The Selkirk Arms in Kirkcudbright if you happen to be in that area. Ginger cake oh my!
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2 Responses to Jugs and Jury

  1. Brilliant decoration, Hannah. And the cake looks good, too. How's the work coming on the kiln?

  2. paul jessop says:

    Was it You that pleaded Guilty ?Yes your Hounour those are my clay footprints all over your nice new carpet.

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