Jug Tastic!

Well I’m almost ready, a few more pots to price and wrap and then the van to pack and the journey south begins. It’s not too huge a journey but it’s big enough. There was a time when I did this drive a couple of times a month thank heavens that’s not still happening. The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair starts on Friday at 10am, be there if you can, it’ll be worth it for the variety of high quality work that is on display. I’m looking forward to some visual treats.

I will be taking – jugs, and jugs oh and some more erm jugs! Anyone else with a jug fetish well you know where to come. All shapes and sizes, all sorts of decoration, there should be something for everyone. I’m taking a half a dozen plates for the walls and some of the pressed dishes but mainly it’ll be jugs and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been running about like a good and proper headless chicken today, a crazy long list of jobs to be done and all very bitty and all over the place. I was struggling juggling wet freshly painted boards, pots needing turning and handling and a slab to put on the mould and pots to unpack from the kiln, and price and pack so there was bubble wrap and boxes all over the place and my stand furniture and some jugs that needed slipping and the phone was ringing and the jets that usually fly quite low were as good as damn it popping in to see what the chaos was. Next time they can stop and give me a hand! Anyway after a couple of hours of this madness it crossed my mind that next door was a big and very empty space so I decamped half the chaos into there and it was all suddenly so much clearer.

There are some funny textured handles on jugs that I slipped today. I had put the handles on just after a mishap with a retracting metal tape measure. It cut a large flap into my thumb, unfortunately it was in the direction that when I was pulling handles it kept pulling it more and more open and leaving funny gouges in the handles and an unhealthy amount of clay in the cut. I’ve cleaned it now I promise.

Some lovely friends from up the road cam back from their holiday to Wales this weekend and brought me a couple of carrier bags full of clay from the beach. Bless them for going to the trouble to pick it up and carry it back, it’s a heavy big lump of it so they worked hard. Thanks gang, I’ll have a play with that when I get back home.

So that’s me for the time being I think. Manchester here we come.

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5 Responses to Jug Tastic!

  1. Anna says:

    Whew! I'd say you are busy eh? Good to have a bit in the new space too! Lots of luck in Manchester.

  2. Hope it all goes well Hannah. Your stand should be looking really good with all those jugs.

  3. gz says:

    Have a good time!From a fellow jug person!

  4. Peter says:

    Good luck with Manchester. Those photos of all the jugs lying around with their little sprigs in the air seemed really appropriate with all the whirlwind of activity going on. The poor wee things were feeling a bit exhausted! I loved the sunflower pattern on the biggish jug near the beginning of your post. A great idea for the air force with their low flying jets to give you a hand. They have probably been flying close enough to have learned quite a bit about pottery by now. I wonder what a kiln firing looks like in one of their hi tech heat seeking gadgets!!!!?Anyway, lovely work!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful work Ms. McAndrew!John SullivanAustin Minnesota, USA

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