Jug-Tastic Tuesday

Well, I’ve an order for 60 jugs to make at the moment, the customer is great as they don’t want them all at once and in a rush which is wonderful. Especially as this was the first one that I decorated today. I’d just finished it when the phone rang and I jumped out of my skin, knocked the banding wheel and over it went.

It dropped about 3 foot to the floor, I sort of in a sick way like what it did to the trailing though not to the shape of the jug. Pretty amazing in it’s way though.

I’ve sent off a group of pots today to The Ferrers Gallery in Leicester, they had my work last year and it sold well so hopefully this will go down well too.

Here’s the jugs as they should be. I’ve thrown one fifth of the order, mushed one sixtieth and decorated one tenth. They’re underway though and I’m happy (even if I’m not sleeping well at the mo – again!).
Friday morning I’ll be off to Kindrogan to the Scottish Potters Association’s annual weekend of workshops, this year we have Gwen Heeney, Matthew Blakely and Wendy Kershaw as our demonstrators. I’m looking forward to it though I have failed to sort out an “Olympic” themed fancy dress costume, any bright simple fast ideas welcome.

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9 Responses to Jug-Tastic Tuesday

  1. You are one hard working girl, and it shows in your very wonderful work!!! 🙂

  2. Paul Jessop says:

    I can't believe that jug went over, after so much hard work.How about making a tall thin pointed hat out of cardboard and going as a Javelin. or you could wear a vest over your top with a big belt and screw up paper up your sleeves and go as a weight lifter. or even easier, wear a blazer and a stop watch and go as an official.

  3. I agree the trailing looks brilliant on the unfortunate jug….maybe something to elaborate on? x

  4. It's so dissapointing when things go wrong at such a late stage. I think as potters we must be masters of dusting our selves down and starting all over again. It seems to be part of the course! I admire your tenacity.

  5. gz says:

    Sounds like a weekend to look forward to-and you need the break!Pity about the jug- I remember the cat getting between my feet when I was carrying a boardful of jugs. I didn't see him for three days…and I made much better jugs in their place. So perhaps there is a reason for these things

  6. dang, i was just going to say hows that marbling! ouch H

  7. ajsimmons says:

    although it's a shame, I love the images of a squashed jug!!Just wear 5 gold rings…that will get them talking! A x

  8. Anonymous says:

    Put some of Pauls cycling kit on……

  9. Joe Troncale says:

    Your broken work is still better than most everyone's best…

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