Jason Shackleton.

I went to visit Jason Shackleton yesterday, the chap that I did my apprenticeship with. I thought you might be interested to see some images from his pottery. This top picture is his kiln, wood fired 120 cubic foot. Rather large, holds roughly a year to eighteen months worth of work, depending on whether he has anyone working with him at the time. The fire box on the kiln is long enough to take the wood that he gets delivered in bundles without having to cut it up at all. Jason makes tin glaze majolica and slipware, this is where I got the slipware addiction from. He himself trained with Mary Wandrausch and Alan Caiger Smith.

These are some sgraffito and slip trailed bread crocks waiting to be fired, they will have turned wooden lids fitted once they are finished.

These are an order for rhubarb forcers, he has thrown them in sections (thank heavens!) they are really lovely and nicely decorated too.
It’s always great to go back and visit Jason, he has always been fantastically supportive to me and I will always be very grateful for that. He is well worth a visit if you are ever up this way. No website I’m afraid. I’ll try to post some more pictures of his finished pots at some point. I have got some pictures of the show room but I am on a borrowed computer at the moment and don’t have access to the pictures.

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  1. Lovely Blog Hannah – as you know I’ve blogged about Jason’s work myself – we have a small collection of it and the pieces are among my favourite things – but your own work is absolutely beautiful, and I hope to come down and see it later this year.Catherine

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Catherine, thanks for having a look at my blog, glad you like it. Do you know about the Spring Fling? It’s the open studio event in Dumfries and Galloway, you might be interested too see the brochure. You can order one if you follow the link on my blog page.It would be lovely to meet you if you get the chance to visit.Best wishes,

  3. paul jessop says:

    Hi Hannah, I have given a bit more thought to your Pricing question last week. And I thought I would give a bit more sales Talk, before you go to Harrogate. In my full time job I am in sales of Ceramic wall and floor tiles to Architects and Interior designers. I hate Salesmen Smarmy bastards in sharp suits and a load of sales patter, nothing more off putting in my mind. here are a couple of ideas.1. Dont just sit hidden behind your pots on the stand all the time. try to interact with the visitors with a smile and a positive comment. once you have got them talking, ask Open questions. good example “what kind of gallery do you run”?. Answer well mainly pictures but we are looking for some ceramics. bad example ” do you own a gallery” ? Answer No and walk away.2. don’t try and be something your not. ie wear what you want to wear not what you think people might expect you to wear. be comfortable in yourself. that will show through when you talk to people.3. Only say positive things about your work, remember a lot of people would never have seen your work before, they won’t know if a certain pot was supposed to be the colour it is or the decoration as it is.4. Have confidence in your work, remember we all think your stuff is fantastic, you are very talented.5. Try not to eat on your stand, and give yourself regular breaks.this will make you more alert. and not show weary.6. make friends with people around you, so you can cover each other for tea breaks.7. Don’t let people waste your time, be polite but firm , if you see someone else looking at your pots, just cut off the time waster in mid sentance and approach the new customer. Remember this is your Business, you can afford to upset someone who is not going to buy. quite frankly they can f**k off. you’ll never see them again.And Marion has just remined me Have Pride in your price.

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Paul, Thank you so much, that is brilliant, I have just printed it out and packed it in my box of tricks to take with me. Having a kiln nightmare this week, it’s not getting to temperature as it should and taking too long meaning the pots are hot for too long and they’re comming out shimmered and horrid and I’m not a happy bunny in the slightest! Grrrrrr and hmmmm and grrrr again.Thanks again though, that little lot will come in very handy.h

  5. Nicholas Eveleigh says:

    Hannah your work is really good and speaks for itself

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