Jars, Jars, Jars

Yesterday I started throwing again after what feels like a huge chunk of time away from it. Today I carried on and oh my goodness I am enjoying it. I got the workshop nice and toasty warm and kneaded up some clay and off I went. It’s good to be back at it.

I haven’t been making jars yet but these pictures are all pieces that I have just uploaded to my online shop at MadeByHandOnline. There will be more pots arriving in the next couple of days all being well.

I am now at the beginning of a big make for the final fling of my tenth year of business. I have a couple of plans of things still to do to celebrate. One involves firing the wood kiln again before the end of the year with some special pots that will make up part of a special package. These will probably not be available until after Christmas but I shall tell you more then.

As I say I haven’t been making jars today but I have been making jugs, costrels and dishes. I was trying to work on some wide shallow dishes with a fairly narrow central base. I wanted to make them with as little turning as possible involved. This was a challenge. I came to wondering whether my skills are lacking in that department or whether the clay just doesn’t have enough strength to allow me to do that or whether it’s just an impossibility. I used to use Fremington clay when I was doing my apprenticeship and it had far more wet strength than what I use now does. However this clay doesn’t ‘S’ crack the way Fremington did so maybe you just can’t have everything. Oh and you can still get hold of my current clay were as Fremington you can’t, definitely an advantage I feel.

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