January Madness Comes Early

I have been feeling rather less than festive for the last week or two, struggling to get my head around the idea of it being Christmas already and the end of the year and somehow feeling like I have achieved nothing this year because it’s gone so fast. (I know I know, when I get the chance to sit down and think it all through I’ll realise that it is precisely because I have been doing so much that the year has gone so quickly.) Anyway I decided to push the boat out and make the workshop all festive and full of fun and joyousness and to deck the halls with boughs of holly, or string a bit of tinsel around a bit of metal, in case you are struggling to find the relevant photo, please see the slab roller image above.

So much for wanting to get all the pots that I had already thrown slipped and sat drying out over Christmas and then taking it easy this week. Well I did get everything that was already thrown decorated but then I went and threw a load more. That was after Mr Fitch gave me a good talking to. Sometimes I need it, my head runs away with itself a lot, many times in a good way but often not in a good way at all. So I have been making again and you know what, I hate to admit it but he can be right sometimes. Any road up I made some big wide dishes and some downright fat jugs so I’ll need to pop in tomorrow and cover them up and so they can sit and await my return in the new year.

I’ve been starting to teach a lady who has made pots in the past but who wants a bit of tutoring I suppose and we have this fantastic agreement where she pays me in cheese as she works for Loch Arthur Community, an incredible place if you get the chance to visit and fantastic cheese makers, indeed they just won the Best Food Producer in the BBC Good Food Awards. For those of you that know Paul you will appreciate how well this form of payment goes down in our house!

dragon puzzle jugs! Usually it’s January in the dark dismal month of yuck that I find the insanity takes over and the madness is allowed to have free reign over what I make. There is the madness that is allowed to be kept and fired and many times there is that which has to begin life again after the reincarnation that comes from the reclaim bucket. This winter it’s happening early. One of these is a commission but even so, they are heading down the route of insanity and craziness. I am though a girl who does love a bit of insanity and craziness though so that makes it all ok.

Paul came over this afternoon as I was finishing these wee beasties, he sat drinking tea and laughing openly as he watched me. There I was thinking I was creating serious art and there he was laughing away spilling tea and eating ginger cake. Charming charming.

I made sure that thee dragons had their fair share of cake too. I think they liked it.

So I think this’ll be the last post before Christmas, “thank heavens” I hear you cry. Maybe I’ll slip another one in before the end of the year though so gird your loins for that one.

See this beggar’s eyes? They’re the spouts for the puzzle jug, you have to suck his eyes, or the end of his tail, depending, weird thought.

Do all, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, may it be a “most wonderful time of the year” with marshmallows for toasting”(?) and “caroling out in the snow” and may there be “much mistletoeing” (I just realised this week that I have never been sought out with any mistletoe – come on Paul get your act together boy!) and I hope your “hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near”. Take care, enjoy yourselves and your families and friends. x

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7 Responses to January Madness Comes Early

  1. Merry Christmas Hannah!It has been quite a year for you. take some time and enjoy just being.And- getting paid in cheese- who should be so lucky!

  2. Been listening to a few Christmas carols there Hannah?! Thanks for the lovely wishes and the same to you!! I have so loved reading your blog this year, I hope you don't join those annoying potters that are hopping over to spacebook 🙂 come back everyone…….

  3. I would work for good cheese, Hannah. I'd teach ashtray-making to four-year-olds for good Scottish Crannog. (Honestly, I have no idea if that's really a cheese …) So you don't have it so bad.Happy Christmas to you and Paul. Come back to the States.

  4. Peter says:

    Happy Christmas Hannah and Paul,Love the very puzzling dragons, what a splendid thing madness can be when it leads to such fine things! If I were you, I'd start planting out mistletoe in little pots and leave it all around the place… maybe Paul will get the hint!

  5. smartcat says:

    Hi Hannah…I've been lurking around for a while now…..enjoying all your posts….especially your views of the USA!Oh my! To be paid in cheese!Merriment, Happiness and Joy to you and yours.

  6. gz says:

    Good to see you working well…Dragons Ahoy!!Interesting that the Award that the cheesemakers won had two places from Scotland in the shortlist of three, Golspie Mill being the other.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would love to be paid in cheese Mr Osborne and the inland revenue would just get the rind.If you ever see mayfield swiss cheese (not swiss but English)give it a go.Happy new yearTim

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