Janet Mansfield Ceramic Award

“The International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association (ICMEA) are delighted to announce Tim Rowan (USA) as winner of the inaugural Janet Mansfield Ceramic Award (JMCA). This award of RMB 70,000 will be presented to Tim Rowan at the 4th ICMEA conference in Fuping, China. Tim also receives a residency at the Fuping Pottery and the work created will feature in a solo exhibition at the Dao Artspace gallery in Xian city from September 12 to October 31, 2013.

The Janet Mansfield Ceramic Award was established by the International Ceramic
Magazine Editors Association and is financially supported by the Fuping Pottery Art Village, which will be presented at the triennial ICMEA Conference in Fuping, China.”

Press Release from International Ceramics Magazine Editors Association.

Three people were nominated by each editor of a national ceramics magazine worldwide for this award. I was pretty stunned to be one of the three for Britain, stunned and flattered and very pleased. I didn’t win the month long residency in China but I am happy enough just to have been nominated.

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  1. Lori Buff says:

    That is quite an honour and well deserved. Congratulations for having been nominated.

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