It's catching me up

I thought it was odd that I had so much to do and so little actually getting through successfully and yet I was still feeling very relaxed and even excited about what I was making. Anyway today it hit me, suddenly I’ve started to panic and get really quite stressed about it all. No idea what set it off but it makes for a not too happy Hannah. Hence this is a very quick post, and I’m off for a soak in a hot bath and quite possibly a glass of wine. Paul won’t be home till sunday sadly, he’s away to his friend’s stag party this weekend so stayed in Newcastle after he finished work tonight. I will be back in work tomorrow, hoping to unpack the kiln, it could go either way, I could be more or less stressed after that. . .
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  1. ang says:

    hi hannah, nice line work and I really like those handles lovely bit of texture mmmm..

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