It's a small world but I wouldn't like to paint it.

This morning I was flicking through some old glaze notebooks looking for some information that I thought Blogger Andrew might be interested in and I came across this printed sheet I’d obviously used at uni. The word “Shelby” jumped out and I thought oh that’s where Blogger Ron lives, on looking more closely (the printing is a bit dodgy on that line) it does actually say “Ron Philbeck of Shelby”! Would you believe it!? That paper must have been in my folder since at least 1999 oh so many years ago.

I was really good today and spent the morning mixing up a new batch of my honey glaze, and that’s now soaking before I begin to sieve it. Then I mixed up some trials of new slip colours, it’s been on my list of things to do for an age. It’ll be interesting to see how they look. Does Chrome react badly under a lead glaze anyone? ( What I mean is will it make it unsafe?)

This afternoon has been a bit slower, I handled all the mugs from yesterday but I’ve got really sore hands today, my thumbs and all across the back of my hands are very tender and actually a bit painful. Note to self: must take some arnica. So I had a prolonged tea break reading Michael Kline’s article on Blogging in my newly acquired Studio Potter magazine.

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  1. potterboy says:

    How wierd is that! That Gustin shino is the one I’ve been using too. Recommended by Ron himself. Small world eh?I have the Rhodes book somewhere but I am going to make some line tests adding more silica and see what happens. I found an article on the web which said it probably wouldn’t work and said it was a really hard thing to fix. I could try some other recipes too although I like this one and the crazing! Thought I’d replace some of whiting or clay.Thanks for looking anyway – would be interested in anything else you might find.I want a cope of studio potter now, too…

  2. Ron says:

    Wow, totally cool!!

  3. Hi, nice to hear you are still working hard! I will be doing family stuff for a few weeks now as my 3 boys break up for the summer holidays tomorrow. We’re off to a youth camp with them in just over a week I’m chief cook and bottle washer. I’m hoping to get some visits to other potteries and be inspired so I may try and blog about that!!

  4. ang says:

    the chrome may flash across other pieces, I’m not sure at EW temps but your tests will give you a better idea..

  5. Hi Hannah, have you tried arnica cream? it really works for me.

  6. Also Norwegian formula hand cream and clean the towels VERY often to stop sore skin that and an Intrason Novasonic for aches and pains, it’s not cheap but I’ve found it’s paid for it’s self many times over.

  7. Ron says:

    You know the more I thought about you having that the more amazing I thought it was. I mean…what are the chances that you’d print that out 9 years ago and come across it now, and that’d we’d have met on the web in just the last year or so? Okay well that’s it.

  8. Hannah says:

    I know Ron, funny isn’t it, I was pretty tickled by it. Some might call it fate.Alan yes I have arnica cream, i onc ent into the chemist for it and got in a muddle and asked for arsenic cream instead.Got a very strange look. I think I might ring and book a massage. Am supposed to be out biking he night not sure whether that would help or hinder but I really fancy it, a good ride out through the forest be good, blow the cobwebs away.

  9. Me, I like the very unPC kill the planet motorised kind of bike, they really blow every thing away. I did go to an Osteopath a while ago when I did my shoulder in, She was very good I think every bone in my back clicked but I have never plucked up enough courage to ask anyone about going for a massage, I suppose I don’t want to be misconstrued as if I were asking for something else!

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