It's a busy friday day.

What a list of things to do today, so long that I couldn’t even shake a stick at it. Some of it got done, some of it didn’t but isn’t that always the way. Monday’s list is forming as we speak but some might just be crossed off tomorrow morning. No weekend working proper this week because we are being visited by my mad crazy wonderful friend Debbie who runs a pottery on the beach these days on Tortola in the Caribbean. We haven’t seen her for two years so she is visiting to cause chaos throughout south west Scotland for a couple of days. It’ll be great.

I managed to get my wide shallow handled dishes that I didn’t copy off Blogger Matt – honest Matt, decorated this afternoon. There is I think sometimes some weird potting clay molecule connection sometimes as I think it is amazing how many times you do something only to find that at the same time some other blogging potter is reporting almost the exact same thing. Matt made some handled dishes on tuesday too, I’d seen some at the weekend that spurred me on. I’ve drawn them numerous times over the last couple of years but never gotten around to actually making them and then there you go, same day we both do them. What’s all that about?

Lizzie popped in this afternoon to try her hand at some slip trailing inspired by this Scottish Potters / Scottish Basket Makers collaboration. I think she did just great for her first attempt. Maybe we’ll convert her yet. This is her having a trial run on a board. Personally I think it was the expert tuition that did it.

I had made a second slab dish but sadly I managed to collapse that this afternoon, the piece below was salvaged from the wreckage, no idea what I’ll do with that but it seemed a shame to waste it.
You can indeed tell that the season has changed. It’s long fingered gloves on the bike in the morning time, it’s more like three days than one before pots can be slipped time, the making time has just doubled if not more overnight. However autumn is for me the best time of year, the colours, the crispness, the falling leaves, the purply heathery hills, misty mornings, the blackberry pies, the being able to wear woolly chunky jumpers and snuggle up by the fire – yummy scrummy.

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4 Responses to It's a busy friday day.

  1. Dan Finnegan says:

    Hello to Lizzie for me! How cool that you are collaborating.

  2. hey no worries remember that mug i made that you now have! I have come to accept just lately that it's all been done before but nothings quite the same when made by different people and i too had been looking at mark ticheners website, maybe that's where i got it from! Nice pots h.

  3. ang says:

    cool read as always H, and a lovely landscape pic..dont suppose you'll be making pots that colour though eh?…heheheh

  4. paul jessop says:

    Hey , You sound busy. pots look great.

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