It is wet and windy and I am fed up with it!

At least I didn’t lock myself out of the house today though. I did however manage to take some pictures. I had an afternoon in the workshop that I hadn’t anticipated which was good. Started to sgraffito this harvest jug, this chap is supposed to be a sailor but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what a sailors hat looked like so I drew this cowboy thing as it cam into my head and the straight away remembered the tricorn thing but it was too late. On the other side is a mermaid on a rock. There’s a lot of work still to be done on it. I do enjoy it though.

What happened here I will never know. I had a droopy sort of weeping willow in my head and then suddenly this has happened and I don’t know where it came from or if I even like it. I occasionally find that these weird things happen without me actually intending to do anything weird, they just sort of jump out and attack pots of there own accord.

Invites for the upcoming exhibition at the McGill Duncan Gallery in Castle Douglas which the lovelies Zoe and Jill run, a great gallery with a huge variety of different exhibitions throughout the year. September 6th sees the opening of “The Artists’ Lunch and a Feast of Pots” which has work by some potter called Hannah McAndrew and one star potter from the good ol‘ US of A, Mr Ron flying fish Philbeck!!! Big cheers, the crowd roars with delight and excitement. I am really looking forward to having Ron’s pots over here. How cool is that!
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  1. Dan Finnegan says:

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  2. Anna says:

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  3. Steve Earp says:

    Hannah,I've checked out your blog a few times, and the slipwork is fantastic. I always enjoy stumbling across good slipware pottery. I have a small American Redware pottery shop of my own in Massachusetts. Check it out, if you get the time: http://www.stephenearp.comBy the way, a while ago a friend mentioned that a slipware potter might be visiting Plymouth, MA. in the near future for a workshop. Would that be you?Steve Earp

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Steve,I've just been reading your sites. Thanks for the comments. Theres some fab stuff on your website. Was that a Mr Finnegan that you spoke to? I may be coming over the pond at some point so you never know. If I do it would be good to meet you.h

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