It is entirely possible. . .

. . that I am too dim to be running a business. Today I thought right!! OK it’s a great day to start on my accounts, I like to get them at least started before the end of the year and somehow Christmas always puts me in the mind to do them. I have an accounts package given to me by the PSYBT which I have been using in paper form for the first 4 years and then last year I finally decided to do it on the computer and managed it with much cursing and swearing but I got there in the end. So the programme is there still on the computer though what I hadn’t reckoned with is the fact that now the computer may not now be able to run the programme. Is that possible? It’s Paul’s work computer and it had all it’s insides updated this summer to some XP thing that means nothing to me. Am I being really stupid or can computers cease to recognise things that have been there before?
So then I thought I know what. . . Amanda will know the answer, and so ping, just like that she emailed me her programme which because it doesn’t look like the one I have used so far I can’t make head nor tail of. I am sure it works perfectly but sadly my brain can not compute where or what or how. Thank you anyway Amanda. I’ll maybe have another look at some point.
So that leaves me here on a windy sunday afternoon wondering what to do and being annoyed with myself because I had had my plan for the day which has not happened in any way shape or form. Grrrrr.
I had a quick google for accounts things but it was all way to confusing and expensive for my liking.Ho hum.
Finally after my ramblings above is a bottom for Ron, please ignore the small addition of a piece of kiln shelf that shouldn’t be there. I sign that swirl of black slip in the middle but didn’t press on hard enough this time so you can’t see it.

This man was in my garden this morning, oh I did have chainsaw envy, it’s OK don’t panic, it’s Jason, a friend of Paul’s chopping up some logs for us. Hmmm might go look up chainsaws again I think.

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5 Responses to It is entirely possible. . .

  1. potterboy says:

    Difficult to say what’s going on – XP might be the operating system (ie Windows XP, if you updated from an old version like 2000) and that might be enough to stop it. Have you thought about re-installing the software from disk (remembering to uninstall it first.)I have slight chain-saw envy too, although I’d like to have a go at the big logs with the cleaving axe – good fun.

  2. Hannah says:

    I tried to put it back on but it wasn’t any different. I think it’s buggered.

  3. Ron says:

    I’m still doing all my accounting on paper. Maybe someday I’ll switch over. Not this year though.Thanks for showing the other side of that pan. Looks great.

  4. goodness, lookit this work here, thanks so much for visiting my blog! How could there be so many noce British potters who blog?

  5. barbjensen says:

    I always like to see the backs/bottoms of pots, so thanks for the picture! Too bad about the signature not showing up though.I love your ornaments too.

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