Iron Men and Hatfield Art in Clay

It seems like an age ago now that I packed up the van once again and set of south to yet another show. This time I went via Crosby Beach near Liverpool to meet my good friend Debbie. Deb is a potter that works on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and is now very unused to beaches where the sea is chilly and there is a breeze that isn’t warm. I was at uni with Deb and she doesn’t get back to the UK very often and needless to say I don’t exactly pass by the Caribbean all too regularly either. Anyway for a long time I’ve been wanting to visit Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place” with his sculptures of iron men but never had the chance so here was my chance.

Here’s Deb and her mum befriending number 89. See the difference in attire. Those of us used to British summers happy to be paddling about in shorts and t-shirts, those of the group used to slightly warmer conditions wrapped in fleece jumpers.

I always love seeing Deb again, we sat up late catching up and talking about pots (probably boring Matt her fresh husband to bits with picture after picture of pots and kilns from the both of us).

Then I set off the next day down to Hatfield and to Art in Clay. I’ve never been at this show before and was pleased to be there. I was opposite Lisa Hammond whose stand is always full of sickeningly lovely pots. Being the muppet that I am I have still barely ever managed to say more than hello to her but I did have a good chat to her last apprentice.

I was next to my friend Clare Wakefield who I went to Germany with last year and with whom it is hard not to spend the majority of the time laughing with.

On my other side was Guy Routledge whose work I used to sell many moons ago when I worked in the craft shop in the Royal Exchange in Manchester so it was great to meet him. I had good neighbours.

The helpers who are about all weekend at Hatfield were fab. When I arrived I was asked whether I was on my own and as I was I was assigned a helper who came and helped me unload all my stuff. Then during the weekend there were a host of helpers who would take over your stand for you while you had a lunch break or if you wanted to watch one of the demos. A huge thank you to all those who helped me at various points over the weekend and also my tinniest mermaid spotting helper too.

Hatfield was a good show for me. There were certainly mixed reports, lots of poor sales for people but I was lucky, and it did my confidence good after a couple of not quite so buoyant ones.

Now I’m home again and sorting out pots to send to The Whitehouse Gallery next week and then to get on with work for the PMA Craft Show in Philadelphia, the shipping date is mid September…

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4 Responses to Iron Men and Hatfield Art in Clay

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Glad you had a good show.Quality will out.

  2. Anna says:

    Visits from old friends AND a good show. Sounds like a great week. 🙂 Sure wish these all pottery shows would catch on in the states. Potters are royalty in the UK I think…..

  3. Susan says:

    Lisa Hammond offered to take me on for a week as my Work Experience from Man Met if Jack Doherty could not do it.The Porcelain won and I worked with Jack for a week. Excellent stuff.

  4. You are, my muppet friend, every bit the equal of Ms. Hammond in the work that you do. Next time, slap her on the back and offer her a pint. Like you, I love her stuff, too.

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