Important things to do. . .

So two days to go till Spring Fling and the important things to do are: tidy – a big huge tidy up is required, clean the floor, dust the pots, price the pots, pin up some pictures, get tea and coffee and cake sorted, put away anything ‘dangerous’, find wrapping things, paper and tape, finish pots for Bovey Tracey, unpack glaze kiln, pack and fire bisque kiln, tidy and clean the house – Paul’s mum is coming to stay over the weekend too.
So with this big to do list yesterday I got itchy fingers and spent the whole day shufting kiln bricks around to make this:

I know it’s not the best kiln in the world but it’s a start. Andrew it’s partly your fault as I keep thinking but damn it you just do it and it’s so exciting so I just did it. It’s not what I plan to have there in the end but it’s a start and it was so exciting getting the bricks out and piling them up. I was vaguely following three pictures in a little book that Andy Priestman has lent me, other than that it’s a random collection of bricks.

A random collection of bricks with a lot of holes! So I put a layer of lightweight bricks on the inside, I knew all those quarters and thirds of HTIs would come in handy for something. No cement, no fibre, no nothing. It is so good to play though. A bit like lego but a darn sight heavier. Am aching like a very achy thing, yesterday I could barely move after stacking two pallet loads of bricks.

Haven’t got much in the way of kiln shelves other than the circular ones for my electric kiln which though they just fitted it was only just so there wasn’t I felt (in my huge experience of wood kilns – not!) enough space around the shelves to let the flames in, so lots of little triangles it was. About a dozen or so pots in there, some refires and some not.

Bringing it in at the top was fun, blimey it’s random jumble but you know weather permitting I might just light a fire in it tomorrow to see what it does, because of course there is nothing that needs doing more at the moment than burning some wood and making some pots get hot.
Please don’t rain please don’t rain!
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7 Responses to Important things to do. . .

  1. Ron says:

    Holy smack look at that! Nice job H. Get a fire in there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bricks are not works of art. Bricks are Bricks. You can build walls with them or chuck them through jeweller’s windows, but you cannot stack them two deep and call it sculpture.Keith Waterhouse, Daily Mirror, 19 Feb 1976Or you can build a kiln……………………..They look attractive to me

  3. potterboy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ang says:

    get out!! speedy build there exciting!! and nice distraction technique over tidying up your studio, what the hay it’s only thursday…..

  5. Fire that thing, Hannah.

  6. paul jessop says:

    Mad – Totally Mad.but it does look good dosn’t it!

  7. Jerry says:

    That is downright exciting!!! Fire it!

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