I'm going slightly mad.

I’ve been home all day today because my right hand is swollen and is quite painful. I have loads to do at work but I can’t even hold a pencil properly never mind take out pots and shelves from the kiln or decorate some salad bowls that need slipping or throw anything new. I think it is the fault of the rose thorn that impaled my knuckle rather than the cement mixing day, I decided to do a bit of weeding when I got home yesterday in our “flower bed”, that description might be stretching things a little and in my enthusiasm for pulling up nettle roots I got jagged on the rose bush. How strong are nettle roots! These were as thick as my fingers. Anyway there were lots of tiny new nettles too which left my hands tingling for hours after. However on the positive side you can now see the green daffodil shoots.
I’ve been doing lots of computer work very slowly single finger typing with my left hand but even that list is running short now and I’m heading for madness. Heaven forbid the idea that I could ring the doctors and get an appointment for any time in the next three months! I’ll be heading away to Carlisle in the morning to a funeral so if my hand is no better then I shall just go to A & E on my way home. I will have to remember not to shake hands at the funeral. How utterly frustrating.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A tetanus booster is recommended every ten years. Very inconvenient

  2. Congratulations on getting into the CPA. I hope it will open plenty of doors for you. If you are down this way again let me know and we could meet up for a coffee. I am about half an hour from central London.

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