I'll put this on a pot…

Remember this one Ron? Tis a cracker, think I’ll put it on a pot, a really big one!

Busy again, pie dishes done in the 3 minute challenge way. Always good when I remember to do it. Ceramics in the City is coming up quick along with a few other shows for the Autumn / dare I mention the C word? Christmas period. I’m looking forward to the Geffrye Museum show again, it’s lovely, quite small and the stands are small too, just a trestle table which means I can feasibly do it without having to take a car full of things down. I can box it all up and courier it down there and I can sit on the train and read. The idea of driving to London makes me feel somewhat sick. I’m going down again in October to help out the amazingly talented Amanda as she has a stand at the very prestigious Origin event run by the Crafts Council. She’s driving down but she did used to live in the big smoke so I think she is used to it.

So looks like another weekend working and if the weather is anything like it has been then I don’t mind one bit as it’s been cold and wet and miserable. I have to deliver my pots to the McGill Duncan Gallery on monday, the kiln is on for a glaze firing, hopefully no more power cuts down there, we had a brief outage this afternoon. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. I did get a charger out of the kiln in one piece today, just a bisque so there’s still time for it to explode or do something else equally as horrid but at least it proves I can still make them. It is one that isn’t decorated with any of the details that are needed on the ones that are awaited by customers though which is sod’s law. The one that doesn’t matter survives. It had about 20% grog mixed in with the clay so maybe that is the key. I am still to try the new samples but am looking forward to trying the ball clay one, sounds very nice and feels lovely in the bag.
If this reads a little disjointedly it’s because I am trying to watch over some chocolate that I am melting to pour over some tiffin that is awaiting chocolate so please accept my apologies. It’ll be worth it, well for us anyway the rest of you can just imagine, a much healthier option.
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7 Responses to I'll put this on a pot…

  1. Dan Finnegan says:

    Hannah, Any idea why my comment was deleted from yesterday's blog?

  2. Ron says:

    I do remember that Hannah. Looks like I'm working this weekend too.

  3. Hannah says:

    Yes Dan, me benig a not in control computer handler! Numpty that I am, sorry about taht but yes I had managed to readthem first.Gawd knows what i managed to press, lost the other one too! Blooming fruitcake

  4. Anonymous says:

    when did good old english 'power cuts' become american 'outages'?

  5. Hannah says:

    When I spent too much time talking to Ron my dear anoymous.

  6. ajsimmons says:

    Hey Hannah…thank you for calling me 'amazingly talented'…praise indeed. Can't wait to see the 'pots are better than paintings' charger!! (i know I've hugely over-generalised but stil….) Amanda x

  7. ang says:

    love the hamada quote H…painters…hoique tu…you can guess the sounds that go with that…a bit of an inside joke from this week ha!!..

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